A Ghost Story for Christmas: The Treasure of Abbot Thomas (1974)

UK, 23 December
16mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: A Ghost Story for Christmas (1971-1978)

A British horror television episode directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark.

Plot Summary

A scholar and a former pupil become obsessed with searching for the legendary hidden away by a black magic practicing abbot. But the treasure is being guarded by something indescribably evil and the ghost of the abbot himself seems to be stalking the pair….


Director: Lawrence Gordon Clark
© BBC 1974
Producer: Rosemary Hill
Dramatised by: John Bowen
From the Story by: M.R. James
Script Editor: Matthew Walters
Camera: John McGlashan
Film Editor: Roger Waugh
Music: Geoffrey Burgon
Sound: Dick Manton, Stanley Morcom
Dubbing Editor: Andrew Johnston
Costume: Janet Tharby
Make-up: Rhian Meakin
Design: Stuart Walker
Production Assistant: Terry Coles

Michael Bryant (Reverend Justin Somerstow)
Sheila Dunn (Mrs Tyson)
Anne Blake (local lady)
Frank Mills (Mr Tyson)
Virginia Balfour (Lady Dattering)
Paul Lavers (Peter, Lord Dattering)
John Herrington (Abbot Thomas)
Peggy Aitchison (landlady)


Time Screen no.7 (revised) p.27 – note