A Ghost Story for Christmas: The Stalls of Barchester (1971)

UK, 24 December
16mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: A Ghost Story for Christmas (1971-1978)

A British horror television episode directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark.

Plot Summary

Ambitious cleric Dr Haynes becomes so impatient waiting for the aged Archdeacon of Barchester to die so that he can take his place that engineers the old man's murder. Soon, he is being stalked by a sinister black cat and by a hooded figure both of which seem to have sprung to life from carvings on the cathedral's choir stalls.


Director: Lawrence Gordon Clark
Producer: Lawrence Gordon Clark
Script: Lawrence Gordon Clark
Story: M.R. James
Camera Operator: John McGlashan
Film Editor: Roger Waugh
Sound: Dick Manton
Dubbing Mixer: Alan Dykes
Dubbing Editor: Ian Pitch
Costumes: Verena Coleman
Make Up: Marion Richards
Designer: Keith Harris
Action by: Havoc

Clive Swift (Dr Black)
Will Leighton (librarian)
Robert Hardy (Archdeacon Haynes)
Harold Bennett (Archdeacon Pulteney)
Thelma Barlow (Letitia Haynes)
Penny Service (Jane Lee)
Martin Hoyle (verger)
Erik Chitty (priest)
David Pugh (John)
Ambrose Coghill (museum curator)


Creeping Flesh: The Horror Fantasy Film Book pp.12-15 – credits, synopsis, review (by Phil Tonge)