A Ghost Story for Christmas: The Signalman (1976)

UK, 22 December
16mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: A Ghost Story for Christmas (1971-1978)

A British horror television episode directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark.

Plot Summary

In an isolated railway cutting, a traveler meets and befriends a lonely signalman who has a strange tale to tell. He is being haunted by a mysterious figure that lurks in the mouth of a rail tunnel, warning him of impending tragedy. He has appeared twice before and both occasions, the signalman witnessed terrible accidents – a train crash and a young bride falling from a speeding carriage. Now the figure has returned and the signalman fears that something terrible is about to happen…


Director: Lawrence Gordon Clark
Producer: Rosemary Hill
Script: Andrew Davies
Story: Charles Dickens
Cameraman: David Whitson
Editor: Peter Evans
Music: Stephen Deutsch
Sound Recording: Colin March
Dubbing Mixer: Brian Watkins
Costumes: Christine Rawlins
Make Up: Toni Chapman
Designer: Don Taylor
Production Assistant: Vee Openshaw-Taylor

Denholm Elliott (the signalman)
Bernard Lloyd (the traveller)
Reginald Jessup (the engine driver)
Carina Wyeth (the bride)




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