A Ghost Story for Christmas: The Ice House (1978)

UK, 25 December
16mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: A Ghost Story for Christmas (1971-1978)

A British horror television episode directed by Derek Lister.

Plot Summary

While staying at a health spa, Paul meets the brother and sister owners Clovis and Beth. The atmosphere at the spa suddenly seems to change – the staff complain of suffering “the chillies” and Paul starts to become very paranoid, especially when Clovis and Beth seem to be paying him a little too much attention. There's something going on out in the old ice house in the grounds, something to do with a strange flower that grows there.


Directed by: Derek Lister
Producer: Rosemary Hill
[Written] By: John Bowen
Photography: Nigel Walters
Film Editor: Tony Woollard
Costume Designer: Anna Downey
Make-up Artist: Magdalen Gaffney
Sound: Dick Manton, Peter Rann
Designer: Roger Murray-Leach

John Stride (Paul)
Elizabeth Romilly (Jessica)
Geoffrey Burridge (Clovis)
David Beames (Bob)
Gladys Spencer (diamond lady)
Eirene Beck (rosetti lady)
Sam Avent, Dennis Jennings, Ronald Mayer (gentlemen guests)


Time Screen no.7 (revised) p.30 – note