A Ghost Story for Christmas: Lost Hearts (1973)

UK, 23 December
16mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: A Ghost Story for Christmas (1971-1978)

A British horror television episode directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark.

Plot Summary

When the orphaned Stephen moves to with his wealthy Uncle Abney, he finds himself haunted by a pair of ghostly . It seems that the , a gypsy boy and an orphaned girl, had been staying at Abney's house when they met their untimely ends. Is Abney responsible, and if so what could it have to do with his obsession with immortality?


Director: Lawrence Gordon Clark
Producer: Rosemary Hill
Script: Robin Chapman
Story: M.R. James
Camera: John McGlashan
Editor: Dave King
Music: Geoffrey Burgon
Sound: Dick Manton
Dubbing Editor: Andrew Johnston

Joseph O'Conor (Mr Abney)
Susan Richards (Mrs Bunch)
Simon Gipps-Kent (Stephen)
James Mellor (Parkes)
Roger Milner (vicar)



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