A for Andromeda (1961)

UK, 3 October -14 November 1961
1 series, 7 episodes, average 45m
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British science fiction television series. Most of A for is missing from the BBC's archives. In 2005, episode six, The Face of the Tiger, was returned by a private collector though this print is missing a pre-credits sequence. The archive also holds various film inserts from The Message, The Machine and The Miracle and the opening title sequence and the last 15 minutes or so of The Last Mystery.


In 1970, manage to decode a signal from space which reveals instructions on how to build a super-computer. Once built , the machine then provides the team with instructions on how to create a living being. One of the team , Fleming , starts work on the project against the wishes of some of his colleagues , one of who appears to commit . But the project seems to be a success and Fleming creates a woman in the image of his dead colleague who answers to the name Andromeda. But who sent the instructions and for what purpose?


Directed by: Michael Hayes
Produced by: Michael Hayes, Norman Jones
Written by: John Elliot, Fred Hoyle
Lighting: Gerry Millerson
Film Editor: Agnes Evans
Music by:
Sound: Peter Wineman, George Cassedy
Wardrobe: Pamela Glanville
Make-up: Tommy Manderson
Designer: Norman James

Peter Halliday (Dr John Fleming)
Julie Christie (Christine/Andromeda)
Mary Morris (Professor Madeleine Dawnay
Patricia Kneale (Judy Adamson
Esmond Knight (Professor Reinhart)
Frank Windsor (Dennis Bridger)
Geoffrey Lewis (Dr Geers)
Noel Johnson (J.M. Osborne)
Jack May (Major Quadring)
John Hollis (Kaufman)
John Barrett (Oldroyd)


The Message (3 October 1961)
The Machine (10 October 1961)
The Miracle (17 October 1961)
The Monster (24 October 1961)
The Murderer (31 October 1961)
The Face of the Tiger (7 November 1961)
The Last Mystery (14 November 1961)

The Andromeda Breakthrough (1962)

A come Andromeda (1972)
A for Andromeda (2006)

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