A Face in the Fog (1936)

USA, 1936
66m, 1675 metres
35mm film, 16mm film [1950s television prints], black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Robert F. Hill using the name Bob Hill.

Plot Summary

A hunchbacked killer known only as The Fiend is stalking the members of a theatrical company, killing them using frozen bullets.


Directed by: Bob Hill [real name: Robert F. Hill]
© 1936 Victory Pictures Corporation
Sam Katzman presents a Victory production
Supervised by: Sam Katzman
Production Manager: Glenn Cook
Screen Play by: Al Martin
Adapted from Peter B. Kyne’s “The Great Mono Miracle”
Photography: Bill Hyer [real name: William Hyer]
Film Editor: Earl Turner
[Sound] Recording: J.S. Westmoreland
Settings: Fred Preble

June Collyer (Jean Monroe)
Lloyd Hughes (Frank Gordon)
Lawrence Gray (Peter Fortune)
Jack Mulhall (Reardon)
Al St. John (Elmer)
Jack Cowell (Wilson)
John Elliott (Detective Davis)
Sam Flint (Harrison – newspaper editor)
Forrest Taylor (Bruce Cromwell)
George Ball Trio (acrobatic trio)



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