A.D. Police Files: The Ripper (1990)

Japan, 1990
35mm film, colour
Series: A.D. Police Files (1990)

A Japanese animated science fiction OVA (original video animation) episode directed by Takamasa Ikegami.

Plot Summary

A serial killer is murdering prostitutes on the subway in The Paradise Loop and the AD Police are called in to help the beleagured normal police. Two regular officers stumble upon the culprit, a cyborg business tycoon, Ms Evers, with a grudge against men after losing control of her company and after her husband cheated on her.


Director: Takamasa Ikegami
Bandai, AIC, Artmic, Youmex
Executive Producers: Tadatsugu Hayakawa, Junji Fujita, Toshimichi Suzuki
English Language Version Executive Producer: Laurence Guiness
Producers: Tutomu Sugita, Satoshi Koizumi, Shuji Uchiyama, Takanori Taegaki
Planning Producers: Toshimichi Suzuki, Shin Unozawa
Production Producers: Shuji Uchiyama, Takanori Yaegaki
Script: Noboro Aikawa
Story Concept: Tonny Takezaki
Original Work: Toshimichi Suzuki
Original Plan/Characters: Tony Takezaki (from AD Police 25:00)
English Language Version Adaptation: George Roubicek
Character Designer/Animation Director: Fujio Oda
Art: Yasuhiko Oyama, Michiyo Suzuki, Hitoshi Haga, Masaru Takeuchi
Director of Photography: Akihiko Takahashi
Editors: Jay Film, Terumichi Okuda
Audio Director: Fusanobu Fujiyama
Production Designer: Ley Yumeno
English Language Version Casting Director: Jill Wilmot

Adam Henderson (Leon)
Shelley Thompson (Nena)

Alternative Titles

The Paradise Loop


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