A.D.A.M. (1988)

West Germany,

A West German horror film directed by Herbert Ballmann.

Plot Summary

Anthropologist Tobias Schmidt-Eberbach is forced to abandon his wedding day when a valuable prehistoric skull is uncovered. On the way to the dig, he picks up a hitch-hiker, Uschi, and is soon on the run from the law who mistake him for a serial killer who is slaughtering young women. And the real killer is still on the loose and is also looking for Tobias and Uschi…


Directed by: Herbert Ballmann
Neue Filmproduktion
Script: Hartmann Schmige
Director of Photography: Ingo Hamer
Editor: Hans-Otto Krüger
Music: Günther Fischer

Charlotte Adami (old lady)
Gunter Berger (Werner von Seydlitz)
Helmut Berger (Tobias Schmidt-Eberbach)
Jutta Boll (Annabelle)
Hans-Werner Bussinger (Mr Kroll)
Dirk Dautzenberg (Lorenz)
Heinz Fabian (Mr Koch)