A.D.A.M. (1973)

UK, 8 April 1973
video, colour, 1.33:1
mono, English

A one-off British science fiction play for television directed by Michael Lindsay Hogg.

Plot Summary

Disabled Jean Empson takes up residence in her new home, a high-tech haven designed by her husband Roger and regulated by the supercomputer A.D.A.M. (Automated Domestic Appliance Monitor). Initially, it seems like a dream come true for Jean who finds her every need catered for. But A.D.A.M. soon turns nasty when it develops a lethal crush on his ward and tries to develop their relationship beyond the master/servant model for which it was designed…


Direction: Michael Lindsay Hogg
© [not given on screen]
London Weekend
Producer: Verity Lambert
[Written] By: Donald Jonson
Film Cameraman: Mike Humphreys
Film Editor: Philip Wilkinson
Film Sound: Alan Mills
Designer: John Emery

Georgina Hale (Jean Empson)
Mark Jones (Roger Empson)
Madge Ryan (Jean’s mother)
Tom Kempinski (Anthony Jackson)
Richardson Morgan (Hanley)
Willoughby Gray (Brigadier Perring)
Cicely Paget-Bowman (Kitty Perring)
Anthony Jackson (voice of A.D.A.M.)

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