A… come assassino (1966)

2680 metres
35mm film, colour
mono, Italian

An Italian directed by Angelo Dorigo using the pseudonym Ray Morrison.

Plot Summary

A count is murdered in his castle and his surviving seven relatives are called together for the reading of the will. Three of them will inherit the Count's fortune, so long as they all spend one month in the castle – and so long as only three remain at the end…


Directed by: Ray Morrison [real name: Angelo Dorigo]
Bival Film
Producer: Walter Brandi
Script: Roberto Natale, Sergio Bazzini
Story: Ernesto Gastaldi
Director of Photography: Aldo Tonti
Editor: Nella Nannuzzi
Music: Aldo Piga
Sound Engineer: Giuseppe Dilberto
Costume Designer: Anna Laura Ricci
Make Up: Carlo Sindici
Hair: Salvatore Cotroneo
Art Director: Amedeo Mellone

Alan Steel [real name: Sergio Ciani] (Giacomo)
Mary Arden (Angela)
Ivano Davoli (Armando)
Aïché Nana (Adriana)
Charlie Charun (Julien)
Giovanna Galletti (Zia Marta)
Gilbert Mash [real name: Gilberto Mazzi] (Inspector Matt)
Roland Redman (Sergeant Robson)
Barbara Penn (Mary)
Aldo Rendine (Jackson)
Frank Fisher [real name: Franco Pesce] (Peter)
John Heston [real name: Ivano Staccioli] (George)


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