A Bucket of Blood (1995)

USA, 12 September 1995
35mm film, colour, 4:3
Ultra Stereo, English

An American comedy horror television film directed by Michael James McDonald.

Plot Summary

Walter Paisley, a busboy at a beatnik cappuccino bar, kills his landlady’s cat, covers it in plaster and passes it off to the pretentious, arty patrons as sculpture. They’re impressed but soon mere animals won’t be enough, and Walter is forced into murder to meet their demands.


Directed by: Michael James McDonald
© 1995 Concorde/New Horizons Corp.
A New Horizons production
Executive Producers: Roger Corman, Lance H. RobbinsP
Produced by: Mike Elliott
Screenplay by: Brendan Broderick, Michael James McDonald
Based Upon the Original Screenplay by: Charles B. Griffith
Director of Photography: Christopher Baffa
Edited by: Roderick Davis
Music by: David & Eric Wurst
Sound Mixer: Christopher M. Taylor
Costume Designer: Maral Kalinian
Key Make-Up: Stephanie L. Massie
Production Designer: Nava
Casting by: Jan Glaser

Anthony Michael Hall (Walter)
Justine Bateman (Carla)
Sam Lloyd (Leonard)
Alan Sues (art buyer)
Darcy DeMoss (Alice)
Patrick Bristow (Link)
Kin Shriner (Lou)
Jesse D. Goins (Art)
Paul Bartel (older man)
Mink Stole (older woman)
Shelia Travis [real name: Sheila Travis] (Mayolia)
Victor Wilson (Cuff)
Julianna McCarthy (Mrs Swicker)
Shadoe Stevens (Maxwell)
David Cross (Charlie)
Will Ferrell (young man)
Jennifer Coolidge (stupid girl)
Stephen Burrows (carpenter)
Jim Jackson (art critic)
Jennifer Judith Joyce (woman at show)

Alternative Titles

Bloody Secret – Die Kunst zu Töten – German video title
Cubo de sangre – Mexican title
Dark Secrets – alternative title
The Death Artist – alternative title
Oscuri segreti – Italian title
Roger Corman Presents Bucket of Blood
Skoteina mystika – Greek video title
Walter – alternative title

Remake of
A Bucket of Blood (1959)