A Boy and His Dog (1974)

USA, 1973
35mm film, Techniscope, “color by Technicolor”, 2.35:1
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by L.Q. Jones. Production began on 25 June 1973 1Daily Variety 5 October 1973 p.8

Plot Summary

In the aftermath of a nuclear war, a young man roams the wastelands with his telepathic dog. They find their way to an underground society where the inhabitants plan to use him for breeding stock.


Directed by: L.Q. Jones
© Third L.Q.J, Inc.
This has been an LQJaf presentation
Produced by: Alvy Moore
Associate Producer: Tom Connors
Screenplay by: L.Q. Jones
Based on the Awards Winning Novella by: Harlan Ellison
Photographed by: John Arthur Morrill
Film Editor: Scott Conrad
Music by: Tim McIntire
Production Mixer: Rod Sutton
Wardrobe: Carolyn Moore
Make Up: Wes Dawn
Special Effects: Frank Rowe
Production Design: Ray Boyle

Don Johnson
Susanne Benton
Jason Robards
Tim McIntire as [the voice of] Blood
Alvy Moore ( Moore)
Helene Winston (Mez)
Charles McGraw (preacher)
Hal Baylor (Michael)
Ron Feinberg (Fellini)
Mike Rupert (Gary)
Michael Hershman (Richard)

Alternative Titles

2024: Apocalipsis nuclear – Spain
2024: Apocalipsis nuclear (Un muchacho y su perro) – Spain
Apocalípsis 2024 – Belgium (French), France, Spain
Apocalypse 2024: A Boy and His Dog
– Germany (re-release)
Apocalypse 2024 – Un ragazzo, un cane, due inseparabili amici
– Italy
Chlopiec i jego pies
– Poland
Çocuk ve Kðek
– Turkey
A Fiú és a kutyája
– Hungary
Der Junge mit dem Hund
– West Germany
Mad Don
– Denmark
O Menino e seu Cachorro
– Brazil
Un muchacho y su perro
– Argentina
Um Rapaz e o Seu Cão
– Portugal



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