8½ (1963)

138m 4s, 12426 feet
35mm film, black and white, 1.85:1
mono, Italian, French, German

An Italian drama film with fantasy elements directed by Federico Fellini. It was originally released in Italy on 14 February .

Plot Summary

Italian film director Guido Anselmi is surrounded by sycophants as he struggles to complete an ambitious science fiction film. Along the way he suffers hallucinations and meets a mind reader with seemingly real powers.


Conceived and Directed by: Federico Fellini
Angelo Rizzoli presents. A Cineriz production
Produced by: Angelo Rizzoli
Production Manager: Nello Meniconi
Production Supervisor: Clemente Fracassi
Unit Manager: Mario Basili
Screenplay: Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli, Ennio Flaiano, Brunello Rondi
Story: Federico Fellini, Ennio Flaiano
Artistic Collaborator: Brunello Rondi
2nd Unit Director: Alessandro von Normann
Assistant Director: Guidarino Guidi
2nd Assistant Directors: Giulio Paradisi, Francesco Aluigi
Continuity: Mirella Gamacchio
Director of Photography: Gianni Di Venanzo
Camera Operator: Pasqualino De Santis
Still Photographer: Tazio Secchiaroli [uncredited]
Editor: Leo Catozzo
Assistant Editor: Adriana Olasio
Prints and Processing: Istituto Nazionale LUCE
Technician: Enzo Verzini
Negatives: Dupont
Music: Nino Rota
Music Publisher: CAM
Sound: Mario Faraoni, Alberto Bartolomei
Costumes: Piero Gherardi
Assistant Costumes: Orietta Nasalli Rocca
Wardrobe Mistress: Clara Poggi
Key Make-up: Otello Fava
Hairstyles: Renata Magnanti
Hairdresser: Eugenia Filippo [uncredited]
Art Director: Piero Gherardi
Assistant Art Director: Luciano Ricceri
Set Dresser: Vito Anzalone
Script Translator: Eugene Walter [uncredited]
Production Secretaries: Albino Morandin, Angelo Iacono
Studio: Titanus

Marcello Mastroianni [Guido Anselmi, the director]
Claudia Cardinale [Claudia, the star-actress]
Anouk Aimée [Luisa Anselmi, Guido's wife]
Sandra Milo [Carla, Guido's mistress]
Rossella Falk [Rossella, Luisa's friend]
Barbara Steele [Gloria Morin, Mario's fiancée]
Madeleine Lebeau [Madeleine, French actress]
Caterina Boratto [unnamed woman in harem]
Edra Gale [Saraghina]
Guido Alberti [Commendatore Pace, the producer]
Mario Conocchia [Conocchia, production manager]
Bruno Agostini [Agostini, 2nd production secretary]
Cesarino Miceli Picardi [Cesarino, 1st production secretary]
Jean Rougeul [Fabrizio Carini, film critic]
Mario Pisu [Mario Mezzabotta, Gloria's friend]
Yvonne Casadei [Jacqueline Bon Bon, ageing soubrette]
Ian Dallas [Maurice, the mind-reader]
Mino Doro [Claudia's agent, ‘Super Tarzan']
Nadine Sanders [Nadine, air hostess]
Georgia Simmons [Guido's grandmother]
Hedy Vessel [Hedy, harem woman with costume changes]
Tito Masini [the cardinal]
Annie Gorassini [producer's girlfriend]
Rossella Como [Tilde, Luisa & Rossella's friend]
Mark Herron [Luisa's timid admirer]
Marisa Colomber [Guido's aunt]
Neil Robinson [French actress's agent]
Elisabetta Catalano [Luisa's sister]
Eugene Walter [American journalist]
Hazel Rogers [dancer in Guido's harem]
Gilda Dahlberg [American journalist's wife]
Mario Tarchetti [Poletti, Claudia's press representative]
Mary Indovino [Maya, mind-reader's partner]
Frazier Rippy [the cardinal's lay secretary]
Francesco Rigamonti [Enrico, Luisa's friend]
Giulio Paradisi [friend]
Marco Gemini [Guido as a boy at school]
Giuditta Rissone [Guido's mother]
Annibale Ninchi [Guido's father]

Alternative Titles

Le bella confusione – working title
Huit et demi – France
Otto e mezzo



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