7 Into Snowy (1977)

USA, 1977
35mm, colour

An American pornographic fantasy film written and directed by Antonio Shepherd.

Plot Summary

Snowy lives with her wicked step-mother Fedora who is appalled when her magic mirror tells her that Snowy is more beautiful than her. Fedora sends Snowy away to a remote cottage with her chauffeur Rodney who is under orders to sexually assault her but her plan backfires when he falls in love with Snowy. An angry Fedora sends the Magnificent Seven in search of Snowy to complete the job.


Directed by: Antonio Shepherd
© 1977 EVI
This has been an Entertainment Ventures Incorporated presentation
Produced by: Allen Williams [real name: William Allen Castleman] and Davis Freeman [real name: David F. Friedman]
Production Manager: Björn Björnson
Written by: Antonio Shepherd
Script Supervisor: Bonnie Swift
Director of Photography: Peter Charleston
Assistant Camera: Barbara Porter
Gaffer: Curley Hansen
Grips: Tom Newgood, Norman Brandt
Still Man: Jean Hyde-Wyte
Edited by: Richard Dietrich
Music by: May Loo
Song: “Once Upon a Time, Dream” by Antonio Shepherd
Sound: Those Two Inc.
Costumes: Vivianne Johanson
Make-up: David Clark
Set Design: Richie Green
Set Decor: Antonio Shepherd, Björn Björnson
Transportation and Picture Cars: TW & TC
Leather goods and art objects supplied by The Pleasure Chest in Los Angeles

Abigail Clayton (Snowy)
Kay Parker (Fedora Weatherly)
Paul Thomas (Rodney the chauffeur)
Kathy Kushman [real name: Kristine Heller] (Marion the maid)
Bonnie Holiday (housekeeper)
The Magnificent Seven

Alternative Titles

Kiimaleikki – Finnish title

Extracts included in
Bucky’s ’70s Triple XXX Movie House Trailers Vol. 1 (1994)

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