American Gothic (1986)

UK, Canada (“A United Kingdom/Canada film”), 1986
35mm, colour
mono, English

A British/Canadian horror film directed by John Hough. Production began on 17 November 1986 and ended on 20 December 1986.

Plot Summary

A group of holidaymakers including a women still traumatized by accidental drowning of her baby, are stranded on an apparently deserted island. They stumble across an old house and meet the strange old couple who live there and their mentally handicapped grown-up children. When the holidaymakers transgress the family’s strict moral code, they start to die one by one.


Directed by: John Hough
© 1987 Gerrard & National Leasing Limited
A Manor Ground production. Brent Walker PLC presents in association with Pinetalk Ltd
Executive Producer: George Walker, Michael Manley, Ray Homer
Produced by: John Quested, Christopher Harrop
Line Producer: Terry Lens
Associate Producer: John O’connor
Screenplay by: Burt Wetanson, Michael Vines
Director of Photography: Harvey Harrison
Film Editor: John Victor Smith
Music: Alan Parker
Sound Recordist: Chris Monroe
Wardrobe Designer: Keith Denny
Head Make-up: Gordon Kay
Hairdresser: Sarah Grundy
Special Effects: Allen Benjamin
Production Designer: David Hiscox

Rod Steiger (Pa)
Yvonne De Carlo (Ma)
Michael J. Pollard (Woody)
Fiona Hutchison (Lynn)
Sarah Torgov (Cynthia)
Mark Lindsay Chapman (Rob)
Terry Kelly (psychiatrist)
Mark Ericksen (Jeff)
Caroline Barclay (Terri)
Stephen Shellen (Paul)
Janet Wright (Fanny)
William Hootkins (Teddy)

Alternative Titles

Amerykanski gotyk – Polish title
Dark Paradise – German title
Escóndete y tiembla РSpanish title
Hide and Shriek


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