555 (1988)

USA, 1988
colour, videtape
mono, English

An American shot-on-video horror film directed by Wally Koz.

Plot Summary

A homicidal maniac dressed as a hippie is murdering couples in and around the small town of Lake Front, returning every five years, for five days, to kill 5 couples.


Directed by: Wally Koz
© 1988 Wally Koz
Massacre Video in conjunction with Wally Koz present a King Video production of
Executive Producer: Wally Koz
Produced by: Wally Koz
Associate Producers: Roy Koz, Linda Koz
Written by: Roy M. Koz
Based on a Concept by: Wally Koz
Director of Videography: Lamar “Larry” Bloodworth
Supervising Editor: Wally Koz
Editor: Pat Mongoven
Original Music: Frankie ‘Hollywood’ Rodriguez
Audio/Video Engineer: Jonathan Daby
Audio Director: Eric Toline
Wardrobe: Sophie Koz
Make-Up: Maureen Kalagian
Hair Styled by: Chicago Look
Effects Make-Up Artist: Jeffery Lyle Segal
Casting by: King Video Productions
Shot on location in Ukrainian Village, Chicago

Mara-Lynn Bastian (Susan Rather)
Charles Fuller (Colonel Wayne)
Greg Kerouac (Sgt. Connor)
Greg Neilson (Ralph Kennedy)
B.K. Smith (Detective Haller)
Bob Grabill (the killer)
Temple Mead, Ricardo Alverez, Skip Grisham, Anita Reformado, Scott Hermes, Anne Walker, Richard Orchard, Christine Cabana, Doreen Semese, Roy Koz (victims)
Jeff Dieter, Bob Grabill (police officers)
Frankie ‘Hollywood’ Rodriguez (Vito)
David Trelford, Rick Orchard (coroner’s attendants)
Wally Koz (Capt. Luca’s voice)
Pat Mongoven (dispatcher’s voice)

Extracts included in
Adjust Your Tracking (2013)



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