5 tombe per un medium (1966)

Italy, USA,
35mm film, black and white, 1.85:1
mono, Italian

An Italian/American horror film directed by Massimo Pupillo. He's credited as Frank Merle on Italian prints and the direction is credited to producer Ralph Zucker on English language prints. Zucker shot some additional gore scenes for the US market.

Plot Summary

Solicitor Kovaks visits the home of Dr Hauff to help him draw up his will. But when he arrives, he learns that Hauff has been dead for a year and that his ghost and those of the plague victims he was able to summon are stalking the house.


A Film Directed by: Frank Merle [real name: Massimo Pupillo; credited as Ralph Zucker on English language prints]
M.B.S. presents. An M.B.S. Cinematografica-Roma, G.I.A. Cinematografica-Roma production in collaboration with International Entertainments Corp.-New York
Associate Producer: Frank Merle [real name: Francesco Merli] [English language prints]
Director of Photography: Charles Brown [real name: Carlo Di Palma]
Editor: Robert Ardis [real name: Mariano Arditi]
Music by: Aldo Piga
Sound: Geoffrey Sellers [real name: Goffredo Salvatori; G. Sellers on English language prints]
Make-up: Bud Dexter
Hair: Arianne
Costumes: Serge Selig
Art Director: Frank Small

Barbara Steele [Cleo Hauff]
Walter Brandt [real name: Walter Brandi] [Albert Kovaks]
Marilyn Mitchell [real name: Mirella Maravidi] [Corinne Hauff]
Alfred Rice [real name: Alfredo Rizzo] [Dr Nemek]
Richard Garrett [real name: Riccardo Garrone] [Morgan]
Alan Collins [real name: Luciano Pigozzi] [Kurt]
Edward Bell [real name: Ennio Balbo] [Oscar Stinnel]
René Wolfe
Tilde Till [Louise]
Steve Robinson
Lewis Czerny
Peter Sarto
Armand Garner

Alternative Titles

5 гроба за медиума – Bulgaria
Cemetery of the Living Dead – USA
Cimetière pour morts vivants – France
Le cimetière des morts vivants – France (DVD)
O Cemitério dos Mortos-Vivos – Portugal
Cinco tumbas para un medium – Spain
Cinq tombes pour un médium – France (alternative)
Cinque tombe per un medium
Coffin of Terror
Five Graves for a Medium
Terror Creatures from the Grave
– English language title
Tombs of Horror
Пять могил для медиума
– Russia

Extracts included in
Vengeance from Beyond (2015)



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