301 302 (1995)

South Korea, 1995

A South Korean horror film directed by Park Chul-soo.

Plot Summary

An obsessive cook living in apartment 301 begins a friendship with an anorexic writer in apartment 302 that ends in violence and bloody death.


Director: Park Chul-soo
Morning Calm Cinema, 1st Film
Executive Producer: Hwang Kyeong-seong
Producer: Park Chul-soo
Written by: Lee Suh-goon
Director of Photography: Lee Eun-gil
Editor: Park Gok-ji
Music: Byun Sung-ryong
Sound Director: Kang Dae-sung

Pang Eun-jin (301 (Kang Song-Hee)
Hwang Sine (302 (Kim Yoon-Hee)
Kim Chu-ryun (Detective Choi)
Park Chul-ho (301’s ex-husband, Kang Joon-Shik)
Chang Young-joo (Jin-Young, little girl)

Alternative Titles

301-302 – Der Fall ist gegessen – German title

Compulsion (2013)


Variety 25 September 1995 pp.98-99 (USA)
“This feminist horror story from Korea is sluggishly paced and confusingly told with flashbacks within flashbacks. […] Uninvolving characterizations combine with the grotesque denouement to result in pic that may surface briefly in specialized situations before landing in the disposal.” – from a review (Film reviews) by Daniel M. Kimmel


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Variety 25 September 1995 pp.98-99 – credits, review (Film reviews by Daniel M. Kimmel)