2+5: Missione Hydra (1966)

84m, 89m
35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, Italian
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

An Italian science fiction film directed by Pietro Francisci.

Plot Summary

from the constellation Hydra are stranded on Earth after their spaceship crashes on the island of Sardinia. They abduct a scientist and his daughter along with a mixed group of young technicians and Oriental spies and force them to help repair their damaged ship. They try to take the humans back to their planet but hadn't reckoned on a mutiny that will put all of them in terrible danger.


Director: Pietro Francisci
Golden Motion Pictures, Sarda Cine Service
Producers: Aldo Calamara, Ermanno Curti
Script: Pietro Francisci
Idea: Fernando Paolo Girolami
English Language Version Adaptation: Ian Danby
Directors of Photography: Giulio Albonico, Silvano Ippoliti
Editor: Pietro Francisci
Music: Nico Fidenco
Sound Engineer: Renato Caducci
Costume Designer: Gaia Romanini
Make Up: Euclide Santoli
Hair: Anna Cristofani
Art Director: Gianfranco Ramacci
Studio: Cinecitta' Film Studios

Leonora Ruffo (Phena)
Anthony Freeman [real name: Mario Novelli] (Martin Baldi)
Roland Lesaffre (Professor Solmi)
Kirk Morris (Ben)
Alfio Caltabiano (Borelli)
Leontine [real name: Leontine May] (Luisa Solmi)
Nando Angelini
Giovanni De Angelis
Mirella Panfili
John Sun
Antonio Ho
John Chen
Gordon Mitchell (Murdu)

Alternative Titles

2+5 Mission Hydra
Destination: planète Hydra
– France
Encuentros en las galaxias
– Spain
Star Pilot
Star Pilots
– USA (re-release)

Includes extracts from
Kaiju daisenso (1965)
Yusei Gorasu (1962)


Cinefantastique vol.6 no.1 (Summer 1971)
[T]he plot disintegrates after forty minutes and the director invents two or three new ones which proceed simultaneously. […] Monarch has cut some expository scenes from the current dubbed version, which doesn't help. – from an illustrated review by Jeffrey Frentzen



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