24 ore di terrore (1964)

Italy, 1964
86m, 2286 metres
35mm film, colour

An Italian giallo directed by Gastone Grandi using the pseudonym Tony Bighouse.

Plot Summary

A gangster is on his way to a mysterious castle when he is attacked in a motel. At the castle, a gang of drug smugglers is being stalked by a killer who is murdering them one by one.


Director: Tony Bighouse [real name: Gastone Grandi]
© [not given on screen]
An Avis Film production
Production Manager: Arnold Scott
Screenplay and Story: Bighouse [real name: Gastone Grandi] & Martinez [real name: Tony Martinez]
Assistant Director: Tony Martinez
Script Supervisor: Grace Morris
Director of Photography: John Krascher
Camera Operator: Hubert Roman
Camera Assistant: Robert Newman
Stills Photographer: Louis Camberra
Editor: Lily Schofield
Music Publishers: Sermi Film
Sound: John Novak

Joseph Worrender [real name: Pino Colizzi]
Lauren Madison
Paul Janning
Annie Stuart
Sterling Roland [real name: Sergio Rossi]
Dean Moor
Stephen Mason
A.W. Belfast
Rex Roberston

Alternative Titles

24 casa uzasa – Turkish title


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