2103: The Deadly Wake (1996)

Canada, UK, 1996
35mm film, colour
Dolby, English

A Canadian/British science fiction film directed by G. Philip Jackson.

Plot Summary

In the future, the Proxate Corporation employs a washed up sea captain to take charge of a prison ship. They’ve also booby trapped the vessel with bombs as no-one wants the prisoners to reach their final destination…


Director: G. Philip Jackson
© 1996 1119773 Ontario Inc. and Yellowbill Productions Limited
Producers Network Associates Inc. and Yellowbill Productions Limited and Daniel D’Or and G. Philip Jackson present
Executive Producers: David A. Steinberg
Producer: Daniel D’Or
UK Co-producer: Pom Oliver
Line Producer: Kevin Ward
Associate Producers: Demerise J. Lafleur, Christopher Rutherford and Lewis Baumander
Writer: Andrew Dowler
Screenplay: Andrew Dowler, Doug Bagot and Timothy Lee
Original Story Concept: G. Philip Jackson
Director of Photography: Jonathan Freeman
Editor: Anthony Coleman
Original Music: Donald Quan
Sound Mixer Recordist: Robert Woolfson
Costume Designer: Tamara Winston
Key Make-Up Artist: Catherine Davies Irvine
Key Hairdresser: Leon van Dyk
Special Miniature Effects: B.E. Cole
Baby Designed and Created by: Ron Stefaniuk FX Studio, Brian E. Cole Models
Cyborg Designed and Created by: Ron Stefaniuk FX Studio
Miniatures Supervisor (CGI): Stargate Studios, Wayne Trickett, Doug Campbell
Production Designer: Taavo Soodor

Malcolm McDowell (Captain [Sean] Murdoch)
Michael Paré (Tarkis)
Heidi von Palleske (Cora Fell)
Mackenzie Gray (Nigel Chan)
Derek Ritschel (Baz)
Michael Johnson (Santiago)
Hal Eisen (Willie)
Gwynyth Walsh as Martine Quiller
Daniela Nolano (cyborg)
Morris Durante (Klove)
Jules Delorme (gunner)
Sandy Kaizer (Clifton)
Glen Cullen (Cookie)
Piero Didiano (convict Tom)
Tony Curtis Blondell (guard #1)
Tom Pashkov (convict Dick)
Elle Downs (Babs)
Damien Dommer (convict #3)
Sangita Viswan (newsreader)
Boris Linzender (large convict)

Alternative Titles