Zone Troopers (1985)

A group of American soldiers are trapped behind enemy lines during World War II and run into an SS battalion that’s captured alien spaceship. […]

Science Fiction

Zontar, the Thing from Venus (1966)

A scientist helps the alien Zontar arrive on Earth from Venus, believing that he will be able to solve all of mankind’s problems. But Zontar immediately knocks out the world’s power supplies and sets about using mind control techniques on the world’s leaders. […]


Zvahlav aneb saticky slameného huberta (1971)

A wardrobe with a playroom inside moves through a forest. Images of innocence and childhood (dolls in prams, animated toys romping around a nursery, swarms of paper planes drifting from an open window) alternate with scenes of decay, malevolence and cruelty (a black cat is repeatedly thrown through a window). […]


Zvírátka a petrovstí (1946)

Czechoslovakia, 19469mcolour A short Czechoslovakian animated fantasy film directed by Jirí Trnka. Credits CrewDirected by: Jirí TrnkaProduced by: J. Jílovec [real name: Jaroslav Jílovec]Written by: Eduard Hofman, S. Látal [real name: Stanislav Látal], K. Mann, […]