2002: A Sex Odyssey (1985)

videotape, colour, 1.33:1
mono, English

An American pornographic science fiction film directed by Tom Morton.

Plot Summary

Trent takes his girlfriend Nevada on a trip in his father's time machine, arriving in the 1950s and later the 1960s.


Directed by: Tom Morton
© [not given on screen]
Jerry Gross presents a Four Rivers production
Associate Producer: Lauren Ross
Director of Photography: John Pryor
Edited by: Ned Morehead
Music by: Rusty Chopps

Rene Summers [real name: Renee Summers] (Nevada)
Tom Bryon [real name: Tom Byron] (Trent)
Tamara Longley (50s chick, hippy girl 1)
Tracy Adams [real name: Tracey Adams] (Melinda)
Herschel Savage (50s guy)
Miss Sharon Mitchell (Dr Williams)
Joel Holzman (Ray)
Buck Adams (hippy guy)
Summer Rose (hippy girl 2)
Leslie Winston (Theresa)
Jason Fox (futuristic guy)