20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1985)

colour, 1.33:1
mono, English

An Australian animated science fiction television film based on the novel by Jules Verne. No director is credited.

Plot Summary

Marine expert Professor Pierre Aronnax, his companion Conseil and a harpoonist named Ned Land set out to solve the mystery of a strange sea creature that has been attacking and sinking ships. They discover that it's actually a huge submarine, the Nautilus, built by Captain Nemo. They are held captive by Nemo who hates Mankind after the death of his wife and children and is trying to get his revenge by sinking as many ships as possible.


© MCMLXXXV [1985] Burbank Films Australia
Executive Producer: Tom Stacey
Producer: Tim Brooke-Hunt
Production Manager: Roz Phillips
Production Coordinators: Joy Craste, Roddy Lee
Screenplay by: Stephen MacLean
Adapted From the Novel by: Jules Verne
Animation Director: Warwick Gilbert
Director Studio 2: Geoff Collins
Animators: Janey Dunn, Sue Beak, David Cook, Greg Ingram, Maurice Giacomini, Vic Johnson, Victor Juy, Peter Jones, Cynthia Leech, Neil McCann, Astrid Nordheim, Steve Robinson, Wally Micati, Michael Stapleton, Maria Szemenei, Bunheang Ung, Paul Maron
Animation Checking: Kim Craste, Liz Lane, Kathy Deknock, Carla Daley
Timing: Jean Tych
Layout Supervisor: Alex Nicholas
Layout Artists: Yosh Barry, Glen Lovett, Chris Green, Andrea Bresciani, Neil Graham, Nobuko Yuasa, Steve Lyons
Background Layouts: David Skinner, Joanne Beresford
Background Design: Bev McNamara
Background Artists: Bev McNamara, Paul Pattie
Painting Supervisor: Jenny Schowe
Color Styling: Jenny Schowe, Angela Bodini
Camera Operators: Thomas Epperson, Gary Page, Colin Lennon
Editors: Peter Jennings, Caroline Neave
Music: John Stuart
Stereo Sound Mixing: Palm Studios
Character Design and Storyboard: Jean Tych, Andrea Bresciani
Nautilus Design: Michael Lodge

Tom Burlinson (Ned [Land])
Colin Borgonon
Paul Woodson
Liz Horne
Alistair Duncan
Gilbert Christian

Alternative Titles

Veinte mil leguas de viaje submarino – Spanish title



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