2000 Years Later (1969)

35mm film, Technicolor

An American comedy fantasy film directed by Bert Tenzer. Production began in November 1966 and the film was released in New York on 11 March 1969.

Plot Summary

An ancient Roman is sent forward through time to the twentieth century by the god Mercury.


Director: Bert Tenzer
Bert Tenzer Production Ltd.
Producer: Bert Tenzer
Production Manager: Paul Lewis
Production Co-ordinator: Monica Payne
Screenplay: Bert Tenzer
Script Supervisor: Gana Jones
Director of Photography: Mario Di Leo
Camera Operator: Charles Rosher Jr
Editor: Donn Cambern
Associate Editor: Robert Lewis
Music: Stu Phillips
Music Supervisor: Igo Kantor
Songs: Stu Phillips, Chuck Sedacca
Sound: Earl Schwartz
Sound Re-recordists: Bill Mumford, Don Minkler
Sound Effects: Edit-Rite Inc.
Costumes: Jerry Alpert
Roman Discotheque Costumes: Rudi Gernreich
Make-up: Bob Dawn
Art Director: Michael Haller
Set Decorator: Harry Reif
Props: Ross Burke
Associate to the Producer: Joel Tenzer
Production Assistant: Fred Buckley
Casting: Marvin Paige

Terry-Thomas (Charles Goodwyn)
Edward Everett Horton (Evermore)
Pat Harrington Jr (Franchot)
Lisa Seagram (Cindy)
John Abbott (Gregorius)
John Myhers (air force general)
Monti Rock III (Tomorrow's leader)
Rudi Gernreich (himself)
Murray Roman (Superdude)
Casey Kasem (disk jockey)
Michael Christian (The Piston Kid)
Milton Parsons
Buddy Lewis
Tony Gardner
Bert Tenzer (voice of Mercury)


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