2000 Minus 60 (1958)

UK, 4 April
black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British science fiction television play directed by Peter Graham Scott.

Plot Summary

New Year's Eve, 1999: a space rocket is out of control and heading straight for the heart of London…


Director: Peter Graham Scott
Granada Television
Script: James Workman
Designer: Henry Federer

John Robinson (General Trent)
Charles Lloyd Pack (Professor James)
Eric Lander (Devlin)
June Thorburn (Lucy)
Campbell Singer (Sinclair)
Murray Hayne (Stevens)
Walter Horsbrugh (Drawbridge)
Douglas Blackwell (Sergeant)
John Downing (Lieutenant)
Jane Sothern (young woman)
Barry Steele (young man)
Jack Stewart (chief engineer)