1984 (1955)

UK, 1955
89m 47s, 8,081 ft
35mm film, black and white
mono, English

A British science fiction film directed by Michael Anderson.

Plot Summary

In a totalitarian future, Winston Smith tries to stand up to oppressive regime of Big Brother.


Directed by: Michael Anderson
Copyright 1955 by Holiday Film Productions Ltd
Associated British Picture Picture Corporation Ltd presents a Holiday production
Produced by: N. Peter Rathvon
Screenplay by: William P. Templeton and Ralph Bettinson
Freely adapted from the novel 1984 by George Orwell
Director of Photography: C. Pennington Richards
Editor: Bill Lewthwaite
Music Composed by: Malcolm Arnold
Sound Recordist: A. Bradburn
Wardrobe: Barbara Gray
Make Up: L.V. Clark
Hairdressing: H. Montsash
Special Effects: B. Langley, G. Blackwell, N. Warwick
Art Director: Terence Verity
Made at: Associated British Studios, Elstree, Herts, England

Michael Redgrave (O’Connor of the Inner Party)
Edmond O’Brien (Winston Smith of the Outer Party)
Jan Sterling (Julia of the Outer Party)
David Kossoff (the junk shop owner [Charrington])
Mervyn Johns (Jones the traitor)
Donald Pleasence (Parsons and Outer Party Member)
Carol Wolveridge (Selina Parsons of the Spies)
Ernest Clark (Outer Party announcer)
Patrick Allen (Inner Party official)
Ronan O’Casey (Rutherford)
Michael Ripper (Outer Party orator)
Ewen Solon (Outer Party orator)
Kenneth Griffiths [real name: Kenneth Griffith] (prisoner)

Alternative Titles

Nel duemila non sorge il sole – Italian title



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