12:01 (1993)

USA, 5 July
35mm film, colour

An American science fiction television film directed by Jack Sholder.

Plot Summary

Office worker Barry Thomas falls for fellow employee Lisa Fredericks. But after work one night, he sees Lisa being murdered and, traumatised, gets drunk in a bar. Later that night, Thomas is electrocuted by a faulty power supply at one minute past midnight and finds that he is living the events of the previous day again. And again. And again… With time on his side, Thomas has to find a way to prevent Lisa being killed and also to find out what's causing the time loop in which he's become trapped.


Director: Jack Sholder
Chanticleer Films, New Line Cinema
Executive Producers: Sasha Emerson, Jana Sue Memel
Producers: Robert John Degus, Jonathan Heap, Cindy Hornickel
Associate Producers: Sergio Martinez, Aaron Meyerson
Script: Philip Morton
Short Story: 12:01 P.M. by Richard Lupoff
Television Story: Jonathan Heap
Director of Photography: Anghel Decca
Editor: Michael N. Knue
Music: Peter Rodgers Melnick
Sound Mixer: Pat Toma
Costume Designer: Cynthia Bergstrom
Make Up: Anne P. Turk
Hair: Kerry Mendenhall
Special Effects: The Post Group
Production Designer: Michael Novotny

Jonathan Silverman (Barry Thomas)
Helen Slater (Lisa Fredericks)
Nicolas Surovy (Robert Denk)
Robin Bartlett (Anne Jackson)
Jeremy Piven (Howard Richter)
Constance Marie (Joan Zevo)
Glenn Morshower
Martin Landau (Dr Thadius Moxley)
Paxton Whitehead (Dr Tiberius Scott)
Cheryl Anderson (supervisor)
Joey Andrews [real name: Giuseppe Andrews] (Kyle)
Frank Collison (thin assassin)
Ed Crick (detective)
Jonathan Emerson (Ted Fallow)
Drew Gehl (night guard)
Mary Hale (anchorwoman)
Mark Christopher Lawrence (Jack Spays)
Will Leskin (guard on walkie talkie)
Eric Mansker (heavy assassin)
Mark Phelan (guard at science wing)
Hosea Sanders (himself)
Ann Shea (Annette)
Lara Steinick (woman on street)
Danny Trejo (prisoner)
Jim Turner (unemployed dad)
Ray Victor (Renaldo the flower vendor)
F.X. Vitolo (utility worker)

Remake of
12:01 PM (1990)

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