10×10: Unexplained Phenomena (1997)

UK, 2 October
colour, 4:3
stereo, English
Series: 10×10 (1989-2000) – series 9, episode 4

A British science fiction television episode directed by Mike Kelly.

Plot Summary

A young girl claims her mother has been abducted by aliens.


Directed by: Mike Kelly
A Fresh Film and TV production for BBC Bristol in assocation with the Scottish Film Production Fund and the Scottish Arts Council Lottery Fund
Produced by: Gill Parry
Written by: Mike Kelly
Director of Photography: Paul Leonard-Morgan

Naomi Williams (Lorna)
Liam Harley (Gordon)
Jim Byars (father)
Maggie MacRitchie (mother)
David Evans (Andrew)
Martha Sandeman Clark (young Lorna)
Lewiss Hutchison (young Andrew)
Roger Clifford (policeman)
Jamie McGill (science teacher)