10×10: Galleria (1993)

UK, 21 September 1993
colour, 4:3
stereo, English
Series: 10×10 (1989-2000) – series 6, episode 5

A British comedy science fiction television episode directed by Alun Harris.

Plot Summary

In the future, emotions are available to buy in aerosol cans.


Directed by: Alun Harris
A Royal College of Art production for BBC Bristol
Series Producer: Colin Rose
Produced by: Charles Steel
Written by: Christopher Byron

Jason Donovan (Duane)
Tara Fitzgerald (Marie)
Kate Charman (Bella)
Miranda Pleasence (shop assistant)
Andree Wheeler (Trudy)
Eve White (older saleswoman)
Ann Joseph (Jane)
Peter Roberts (tramp)
Sheila Flynn (waitress)