10×10: Breaking the Angel’s Back (1992)

UK, 31 July 1992
colour, 4:3
stereo, English
Series: 10×10 (1989-2000) – series 5, episode 6

A British fantasy television episode directed by Ian Dodds.

Plot Summary

A journey into the the minds of teenager John, who is in a coma, and his mysterious nurse.


Directed by: Ian Dodds
A Royal College of Art production for BBC Bristol
Series Producer: Colin Rose
Produced by: Steve Mackey
Written by: Ian Dodds
Music by: Simon Fisher Turner

Liza Walker (nurse)
Gordon Ridout (John)
Derek Anders (Mr McLeish)
Ann Scott-Jones (Mrs McLeish)
Ronnie Aitken (dosser)
Terry Cavers (older nurse)