100 Years of Horror: The Walking Dead (1996)

videotape, colour, black and white
mono, English

An American documentary written and directed by Ted Newsom. It was released on video as part of the 100 Years of Horror (1996) series.


Directed by: Ted Newsom
Executive Producer: Dante J. Pugliese
Produced by: Ted Newsom
Written by: Ted Newsom
Camera Operator: Tee Bosustow
Editor: Trudi Jo Marie Keck
Animation Designer: Dante J. Pugliese

Christopher Lee (host)
John Agar (interviewee)
Turhan Bey (interviewee)
Michael F. Blake (interviewee)
John Carradine (voice)
Michael Carreras (interviewee)
Richard Denning (interviewee)
Michael Gavin (interviewee)
John Goodwin (interviewee)
Bernard Gordon (interviewee)
Hugh M. Hefner (interviewee)
Gordon Hessler (interviewee)
Anthony Hinds (interviewee)
Sara Karloff (interviewee)
Bela Lugosi Jr. (interviewee)
Peggy Moran (interviewee)
Linnea Quigley (interviewee)
Robert Wise (interviewee)