100 Years of Horror: Scream Queens (1996)

USA, 1996
videotape, colour, black and white
mono, English

An American documentary written and directed by Ted Newsom. It was released on video as part of the 100 Years of Horror (1996) series.


Directed by: Ted Newsom
Executive Producer: Dante J. Pugliese
Produced by: Ted Newsom
Written by: Ted Newsom
Camera Operator: Tee Bosustow
Editor: Trudi Jo Marie Keck
Animation Designer: Dante J. Pugliese

Christopher Lee (host)
Carroll Borland (interviewee)
Roger Corman (interviewee)
Robert Cornthwaite (interviewee)
Hazel Court (interviewee)
David DeCoteau (interviewee)
Richard Denning (interviewee)
Nina Foch (interviewee)
Pamela Franklin (interviewee)
Beverly Garland (interviewee)
Donald F. Glut (interviewee)
Hugh M. Hefner (interviewee)
Peggy Moran (interviewee)
Caroline Munro (interviewee)
Lori Nelson (interviewee)
Linnea Quigley (interviewee)
Fred Olen Ray (interviewee)
Brinke Stevens (interviewee)
Gloria Talbott (interviewee)