1. April 2000 (1952)

Austria, 1952
105m [Germany], 84m [USA], 2864 metres
35mm film, black and white, 1.33:1
mono, German

An Austrian science fiction film directed by Wolfgang Liebeneiner.

Plot Summary

In the year 2000 the world is ruled by the World Global Union. Austria’s new president declares Austrian independence, prompting a visit from the Union president aboard his flying saucer and accompanied by soldiers wielding death-rays. Austria is put on trial and has to justify its position by detailing its long history of peace and independence.


NOTE: the credits are all presented in four languages simultaneously: German, English, French and Russian.

Director: Wolfgang Liebeneiner
© [not given on screen]
Der Österreich Film [logo]. Wien-Film, Österreichische Bundesregierung
Executive Producer: Karl Ehrlich
Producer: Ernst Marboe
Screen play: Rudolf Brunngraber, Ernst Marboe Ralph Brunngraber, (Ernest Marboe in English language credits; Rodolphe Brunngraber, Ernest Marboe in French language credits)
Directors of Photography: Sepp Ketterer, Karl Löb, Fritz Arno Wagner
Editor: Henny Brünsch-Tauschinsky
Music: Josef Fiedler, Alois Melichar, Robert Stolz
Theme Music: Josef Petrak
Sound: Herbert Janeczka, Otto Untersalmberger
Costume Designers: Dr. Leo Bei, Elli Rolf
Art Director: Otto Niedermoser
Locations: Schönbrunn Palace, Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47-49, Hietzing, Vienna, Austria; Stephansdom, Vienna, Austria

Hilda Krahl (President of the Global Union)
Josef Meinrad (Joseph Meinrad in English and French language credits) (Prime Minister of Austria)
Waltraut Haas (Mitzi)
Judith Holzmeister (Ina Equiquiza)
Elisabeth Stemberger (secretary)
Ulrich Bettac (Moderator Robinson)
Karl Ehmann (cabinet chief)
Peter Gerhard (Hieronymus Gallup)
Curd Jürgens (Capitano Herakles)
Robert Michal (Wei Yao Chee)
Heinz Moog (Hajji Halef Omar)
Guido Wieland (Alessandro Bibalini)
Paul Hörbiger (Augustin)
Hans Moser (composer)
Pepi Glöckner-Kramer
Martha Marbo
Eva Payrer
Erika Pirschl
Erna Schickl
Marianne Schönauer

Alternative Titles

1 april år 2000 – Sweden
1 aprile 2000 – Italy
1. April 2000 – West Germany
1. huhtikuuta v. 2000 – Finland
April 1, 2000
Premier avril an 2000 – France
Premier avril en l’an 2000 – Belgium (French)
Vienne, premier avril an 2000 – France



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