Sette scialli di seta gialla (1972)



Screen International no.28 (20 March 1976) p.15 (UK)
"Acceptable hokum for the undemanding (...) The screen equivalent of a throwaway paperback, it does its job of passing the time. Lots of bodies, a sufficient acreage of bare female skin to wake up the old gent in the front row who's falling asleep, and enough blood for them as wants it." - Marjorie Bilbow

Monthly Film Bulletin vol.43 no.507 (April 1976) p.88 (UK)
"A mildly entertaining, brimful of echoes (even a shower murder with the bloodstained water spiralling away in the bath), but also containing some striking sub-Bava effects, thanks chiefly to the cameraman and art director: a corpse found propped up under a huge Perspex dome; the hooded lady stalking the streets like something out of Orphée; the battery of tape-recorders and editolas activated in the blind man's apartment during the final confrontation in the dark. The film is sunk, finally, less by the frantic ingenuity of its plot than by the director's horrifying mania for murdering the art of understatement. Let a telephone ring and, and the camera lurches to four differently angled shots, while every murder is celebrated by a wildly pulsating zoom." - Tom Milne.


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