André Morell (1909 - 1978)

Date of Birth: 20 August 1909
Place of Birth: London, England, UK
Date of Death: 28 November 1978
Place of Death: London, England, UK
Also Known As: André Mesritz (real name); Andre Morell


Andre Morell is one of those army of actors whose face you will probably recognise, even if the name means little or nothing to you. A prolific and versatile character actor, he honed his skills in amateur theatre in pre-War Britain for four years before taking the plunge and turning professional. His first acting work was on the stage, making his professional debut in 1934 before treading the London boards in 1936. Two years later, he joined the Old Vic company and made his debut in films.

But as with so many talents of his generation, his early career was temporarily stalled by the outbreak of hostilities and he was called up for active service with with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. On demob, he returned to acting, taking several roles in Shakespeare, including a turn as Hamlet. But it was in the then still young medium of television that Morell really got his exposure. Throughout the 50s, he appeared in a string of plays and made numerous guest appearances in popular series.

In 1958, he became the fourth actor (after Reginald Tate, John Robinson and Hammer's Brian Donlevy) to play Professor Bernard Quatermass in Nigel Kneale's BBC serial Quatermass and the Pit. The following year, he made the first of many appearances for Hammer Films, playing Dr Watson to Peter Cushing's Sherlock Holmes in The Hound of the Baskervilles - he would subsequently appear in She (1965), The Plague of the Zombies (1966), The Mummy's Shroud (1967) and The Vengeance of She (1968). Morell also married actress Joan Greenwood in 1959 and they were together until his death in 1978. They had a son, Jason, who would later become an actor in his own right.

Morell was elected President of British Actors Equity between 1973 and 1974 and he continued to work right up to his death.


All as performer
* = television

Seven Days to Noon (Superintendent Folland)
Minaccia atomica - Italian title
Eine Stadt hält den Atem an - Austrian / West German title
Uhkavaatimus - Finnish title
Ultimatum - Danish / Swedish title
Ultimátum - Spanish title

A Stolen Face (David)
Volto rubato - Italian title

Ninteen Eighty-Four (12 December 1954) (O'Brien) *

The Black Knight (Sir Ontzlake)
El caballero negro - Spanish title
Il cavaliere del mistero - Italian title
Kuningas Arthurin ritarit - Finnish title
Le serment du chevalier noir - French title
Den sorte ridder - Danish title
Svarte riddaren - Swedish title
Unter schwarzem Visier - Austrian / West German title

Three Cases of Murder (Dr Audlin (in Lord Mountdrago segment))
Kolme murhaa - Finnish title
Mord ohne Mörder - West German title
Tre casi di assassinio - Italian title
De tre mordens gåta - Swedish title
Três Casos de Assassinato - Brazilian title
Tres casos de homicidio - Venezuelan title
Trois meurtres - French title

This Was the Future
(31 December 1957) (in scene from Nineteen Eighty-Four (1954)) *

Quatermass and the Pit: Halfmen (22 December 1958) (Professor Bernard Quatermass) *

Quatermass and the Pit: Ghosts (29 December 1958) (Professor Bernard Quatermass) *

Behemoth, the Sea Monster (Professor James Bickford)
Il drago degli abissi
- Italian title
The Giant Behemoth - US title
Das Ungeheuer von Loch Ness - West German title

Ben-Hur (Sextus)

The Hound of the Baskervilles (Doctor Watson)
Baskervillen koira - Finnish title
Baskervilles hund - Swedish title
O Cão dos Baskervilles - Brazilian / Portugese title
Le chien des Baskerville - French title
La furia dei Baskerville - Italian title
Der Hund von Baskerville - West German title
El perro de los Baskerville - Spanish title
El sabueso de los Baskerville - Venezuelan title

The Invisible Man: Man in Power (14 June 1959) (General Shafari) *

Quatermass and the Pit: Imps and Demons (5 January 1959) (Professor Bernard Quatermass) *

Quatermass and the Pit: Enchanted (12 January 1959) (Professor Bernard Quatermass) *

Quatermass and the Pit: Wild Hunt (19 January 1959) (Professor Bernard Quatermass) *

Quatermass and the Pit: Hob (26 January 1959) (Professor Bernard Quatermass) *

Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond: The Avengers (25 April 1961) (General Guenther Hautmann) *

Shadow of the Cat (Walter Venable)
Kissan varjo - Finnish title
L'ombra del gatto - Italian title
Schatten einer Katze - West German title

The Avengers: Death of a Batman (26 October 1963) (Lord Teale) *

She (Haumeid)
La dea della città perduta - Italian title
La déesse du feu - French title
La diosa de fuego - Spanish title
Dödsgrottan vid Kuma - Swedish title
Herrscherin der Wüste - West German title
Kuolematon kuningatar - Finnish title

The Avengers: Death at Bargain Prices (23 October 1965) (Horatio Kane) *

Doctor Who: The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve (5 February 1966 - 26 February 1966) (Marshall Tavannes) *

The Plague of the Zombies (Sir James Forbes)
Epidemia de Zumbis - Brazilian title
Haudasta nousseet - Finnish title
Im Bann des Voodoo-Priesters - West German title
L'invasion des morts-vivants - French title
La lunga notte dell'orrore - Italian title
La maldición de los zombies - Spanish title
Nächte des Grauens - West German title
La plaga de los Zombies - Spanish title
Zombien rutto - Finnish title
The Zombies

The Mummy's Shroud (Sir Basil Walden)
Dans les griffes de la momie - French title
Der Fluch der Mumie - West German title
Muumion kosto - Finnish title
El sudario de la momia - Spanish title
Il sudario della mummia - Italian title

The Vengeance of She (Kassim)
Ayesha, Daughter of She
Ayesha, the Return of She
La déesse des sables - French title
La donna venuta dal passato - Italian title
La venganza de la diosa de fuego - Spanish title
La vengeance de She - French title

Julius Caesar (Cicero)
Julio César - Venezuelan title
Júlio César - Brazilian title
Juliusz Cezar - Polish title
Ventitre pugnali per Cesare - Italian title

10 Rillington Place (Judge Lewis)
L'assassino di Rillington Place n.10 - Italian title
Dom przy ulicy Rilington 10 - Polish title
El estrangulador de Rillington Place - Spanish title
John Christie, der Frauenwürger von London - West German title
Rillingtonin kuristaja - Finnish title
Stryparen på Rillington Place - Swedish title

Man and the Snake
(Dr Druring)

Pope Joan (Emperor Louis)
The Devil's Imposter - US title
Jeanne, papesse du diable - French title
La papessa Giovanna - Italian title
Papiez Joanna - Polish title
La papisa Juana - Spanish title
Pave Johanne - den udvalgte - Danish title
Petos - Finnish title
NOTE: the frame story involving hypnotism and making this entry fantasy was edited from the UK prints.

al-Risâlah (Abu Talib)
Pyhä sota - Finnish title

The Message (Abu-Talib)
Mahoma, el mensajero de Dios - Spanish title
El mensaje - Argentinean title
Le message - French title
Mohammed - härföraren - Swedish title
Mohammed, Messenger of God

The Slipper and the Rose (bride's father)
Cinderella - Spanish title
Cinderellas silberner Schuh - West German title
Glasskon och rosen - Swedish title
Lasikenkä ja ruusu - kertomus Tuhkimosta uudella tavalla - Finnish title
Pantofelek i róza - Polish title
La scarpetta e la rosa - Italian title
The Slipper and the Rose: The Story of Cinderella
La zapatilla y la rosa
- Venezuelan title

The Lord of the Rings (voice of Elrond)
Herr der Ringe - West German title
Ringenes herre - Danish title
Sagan om ringen - Swedish title
Le seigneur des anneaux - French title
O Senhor dos Anéis - Brazilian title
El señor de los anillos - Argentinean / Spanish title
Il signore degli anelli - Italian title
Taru sormusten herrasta - Finnish title


13 Men and a Gun (Kroty)

Bardell Against Pickwick (6 July 1938) *

Cyrano de Bergerac (Le Bret) *

Lady Precious Stream *

Many Tanks Mr Akins

Pride and Prejudice (Mr Wickham) *

The Rivals (Faulkland) *

Trelawny of the Wells *

The Return of Carol Deane (art critic (uncredited))

Sun Up (Rufe Cagle) *

Ten Days in Paris (Victor)
Missing Ten Days
Spioner i Paris
- Danish title
Spy in the Pantry
Tio dagar i Paris
- Swedish title

Three Silent Men (Klein)

Unpublished Story (Marchand)

Boys in Brown (27 July 1947) (governor) *

The Merchant of Venice (Bassanio) *

The Moon in the Yellow River (16 October 1947) (Dobelle) *

Against the Wind (Abbot (uncredited))
Under jorden - Swedish title
Vasten tuulta - Finnish title

Health in Our Time

Enemy of the People (3 December 1950) (Dr Stockmann) *

Flesh and Blood (Dr Marshall)
Farligt arv - Swedish title
Ruumis ja sielu - Finnish title

Madeleine (dean of faculty)
L'amore segreto di Madeleine - Italian title
Ei syyllinen eikä syytön - Finnish title
The Strange Case of Madeleine - US re-release title

No Place for Jennifer (counsel)
Koditon Jennifer - Finnish title

Othello (23 April 1950) (Othello) *
Otello - Italian title

So Long at the Fair (Doctor Hart)
Extraño suceso - Spanish title
Försvunnen i Paris - Swedish title
Kadonnut Pariisissa - Finnish title
Paris um Mitternacht - West German title
Si Paris l'avait su - French title
Tragica incertezza - Italian title
Uma Atrevida Aventura - Portugese title
Weltausstellung Paris - Austrian title

Stage Fright (Inspector Byard)
Desesperación - Argentinean title
O dolophonos erchetai kathe vrady - Greek title
Esirippu laskee - Finnish title
Le grand alibi - French title
Lampefeber - Danish title
Pahud Bama - Hebrew Israeli title
Pànic a l'escenari - Catalan Spanish title
Pánico en la escena - Spanish title
Pânico nos Bastidores - Portugese title
Paura in palcoscenico - Italian title
Ponemeno romantzo - Greek title
Rampfeber - Swedish title
Die Rote Lola - Austrian / West German title
Le trac - French Belgian title

Trio (Dr Lennox (in Sanitorium segment))
Sinfonia da Vida - Portugese title
So ist das Leben - Austrian / West German title

The Clouded Yellow (Secret Service Chief Chubb)
¡Acosada! - Mexican title
Auf falscher Spur - Austrian / West German title
Cielo tempestoso - Italian title
Gula fjärilen - Swedish title
Keltainen perhonen - Finnish title
Nettet strammes - Danish title
Nuvens de Desespero - Brazilian title
Syyllinen eikä syytön - Finnish title

High Treason (Superintendent Folland)
Alta traición - Spanish title
Högförräderi - Swedish title
SOS Scotland Yard - Italian title
Den usynlige fjende - Danish title
Valtiopetos - Finnish title

The Tall Headlines (George Rackham)
The Frightened Bride - US title
Ihmisten tuomio - Finnish title
Våld mot kvinna - Swedish title

His Majesty O'Keefe (Alfred Tetins)
Äventyr på Fidji - Swedish title
Fidzi-saarten kuningas - Finnish title
Le roi des îles - French title
Sa majestat dels mars del sud - Catalan Spanish title
Su majestad de los mares del Sur - Spanish title
Il trono nero - Italian title
Weißer Herrscher über Tonga - Austrian / West German title

It Is Midnight, Dr Schweitzer (22 February 1953) (Dr Albert Schweitzer) *

The Golden Link (Superintendent Blake)

The Secret (Inspector Lake)
Diamantmysteriet - Danish title

Douglas Fairbanks Jr Presents: Atlantic Night (5 October 1955) (Captain Arthur Welch) *

Douglas Fairbanks Jr Presents: The Immigrant (12 December 1955) (Jan) *

Summer Madness (Englishman on train (uncredited))
Kesäinen romanssi - Finnish title
Locura de verano - Argentinean title
Locuras de verano - Spanish title
Quando o Coração Floresce - Brazilian television title
Sommarens dårskap - Swedish title
En sommers dårskab - Danish title
Tempo d'estate - Italian title
Temps d'estiu - Catalan Spanish title
Der Traum meines Lebens - Austrian / West German title
Vacances à Venise - French / French Canadian title
Xufsha B'Venice - Hebrew Israeli title

Terminus: Margin For Error (28 May 1955) (Michel Lincoln) *

They Can't Hang Me (Robert Pitt)
De kan ikke hænge mig - Danish title
Die Letzte Frist - West German title
Mordet i fönstret - Swedish title

Armchair Theatre: Tears in the Wind (16 September 1956) *

The Baby and the Battleship (Marshal)
Das Baby auf dem Schlachtschiff - West German title
Flottans olycksfåglar - Swedish title
Laivaston lemmikki - Finnish title

The Black Tent (Sheik Salem)
Das Geheimnis des schwarzen Zeltes - Austrian title
Musta teltta - Finnish title
Das Schwarze Zelt - West German title
Det svarta tältet - Swedish title
La tenda nera - Italian title

The Buccaneers: Gunpowder Plot (7 November 1956) (Governor) *

The Man Who Never Was (Sir Bernard Spilsbury)
El hombre que nunca existió - Spanish title
O Homem Que Nunca Existiu - Portugese title
L'homme qui n'a jamais existé - French title
Manden, der aldrig har levet - Danish title
Der Mann, den es nie gab - Austrian / West German title
Mannen som inte fanns - Swedish title
Mies, jota ei ollutkaan - Finnish title
L'uomo che non è mai esistito - Italian title

Theatre Royal: Assassin (29 January 1956) (doctor) *

Zarak (Atherton)
Zarak - kvinnorövaren - Swedish title
Zarak Khan - Austrian / West German title
Zarak le valeureux - French title

Armchair Theatre: The Heiress (5 May 1957) (Doctor Sloper) *

Assignment Foreign Legion: The Volunteer (15 March 1957) (Colonel Laurent) *

The Bridge on the River Kwai (Colonel Green, Commander Force 316)
Broen over floden Kwai - Danish title
Bron över floden Kwai - Swedish title
Die Brücke am Kwai - Austrian / West German title
Ha-Gesher Al Nahar Kwai - Hebrew Israeli title
Kwai-joen silta - Finnish title
Most na rzece Kwai - Polish title
Most pres reku Kwai - Czech title
Le pont de la rivière Kwai - French title
A Ponte do Rio Kwai - Portugese title
El pont sobre el riu Kwai - Catalan Spanish title
Il ponte sul fiume Kwai - Italian title
El puente sobre el río Kwai - Argentinean / Spanish title

Douglas Fairbanks Jr Presents: Gabrielle (8 January 1957) (Georges) *

Douglas Fairbanks Jr Presents: The Immigrant (16 May 1957) (Jan) *

Interpol (Breckner)
International police - Italian title
Internationella polisen - Swedish title
Kansainvälinen poliisi iskee - Finnish title
Der Mann, den keiner kannte - Austrian / West German title
Pickup Alley - US title
Police internationale - French title
Policía internacional - Spanish title

Television Playhouse: Pick-Up Girl (6 December 1957) (judge) *

Armchair Theatre: The Master Builder (19 January 1958) *

The Buccaneers: Gunpowder Plot (22 February 1958) (Governor) *

The Camp on Blood Island (Colonel Lambert)
Fangelejren på Blodøen - Danish title
Fånglägret den blodiga ön - Swedish title
Die Gelbe Hölle - West German title
L'île du camp sans retour - French title
L'isola dei disperati - Italian title
Verinen leiri - Finnish title

Diamond Safari (Williamson)

Paris Holiday (American ambassador)
À Paris tous les deux - French title
El embrujo de París - Spanish title
Falsches Geld und echte Kurven - West German title
Falske penge og ægte kurver - Danish title
Loma Pariisissa - Finnish title
Paris Holiday - Swedish title
Riemuloma Pariisissa - Finnish title

International Detective: The Conway Case
(26 December 1959) (Howard Conway) *

Cone of Silence (Captain Edward Manningham)
Aavelentäjä - Finnish title
La tragedia del Phoenix - Italian title
Trouble in the Sky - US title
Zone des Schweigens - West German title

On Trial: Oscar Wilde (5 August 1960) (Sir Edward Clarke) *

Theatre '70: Gold Inside (24 September 1960) (Colonel Gore-Hepburn) *

White Hunter: Run to Earth (24 July 1960) (Manderley) *

White Hunter: The Lonely Place (14 August 1960) (Rankin) *

Cash on Demand (Hepburn)

The Human Jungle: Fourteen Ghosts
(18 May 1963) (Judge Shaw) *

The Moon-Spinners (yacht captain)
La bahía de las esmeraldas - Spanish title
La baie aux émeraudes - French title
Giallo a Creta - Italian title
Der Millionenraub - West German title
Der Millionenschatz - West German title
Natt utan måne - Swedish title
Natten uden måne - Danish title
Vaarojen lahti - Finnish title
Vaarojen saari - Finnish title

Woman of Straw (judge (uncredited))
La donna di paglia - Italian title
La mujer de paja - Argentinean / Spanish title
Myrdede hun? - Danish title
Olkinainen - Finnish title
Die Strohpuppe - West German title

Court Martial: Operation Makeshift (27 November 1965) (General Smith) *

Danger Man: The Affair at Castelevara (9 February 1965) (Sir Duncan) *

The Saint: The Crime of the Century (4 March 1965) (Bernhard Raxel) *

Theatre 625: The Siege of Manchester (31 October 1965) (Richard Heyrick) *

Judith (Haim)
Conflict - US video title
Judite - Portugese title
Judith - vaarojen raja - Finnish title
La Venus de la ira - Spanish title

The Wrong Box (club butler (uncredited))
A Loteria da Vida - Brazilian title
La caja de las sorpresas - Spanish title
La cassa sbagliata - Italian title
Letzte Grüße von Onkel Joe - West German title
Tappajaiset - Finnish title
Tappajaiset eli kertomus elävästä ruumiista - Finnish title
Un mort en pleine forme - French title

The Mercenaries (Bussier)
Il buio oltre il sole - Italian title
Dark of the Sun - US title
Le dernier train du Katanga - French title
Katanga - West German title
Palkkasoturit - Finnish title
Sidste tog fra Katanga - Danish title
Sista tåget från Katanga - Swedish title
Último tren a Katanga - Spanish title

Overseas Press Club Exclusive!: The Man Who Changed Faces (15 June 1967) (Sven) *

The Caesars: Augustus (22 September 1968) (Tiberius) *

The Caesars: Germanicus (29 September 1968) (Tiberius) *

The Caesars: Tiberius (6 October 1968) (Tiberius) *

The Caesars: Sejanus (13 October 1968) (Tiberius) *

The Caesars: Caligula (20 October 1968) (Tiberius) *

W. Somerset Maugham: The Letter (George Joyce) *

Big Brother: A Little Bit Like God
(27 September 1970) (Lord Bryant) *

Julius Caesar (Cicero)

Play for Today: Hell's Angel
(21 January 1971) (Sir Geoffrey Wolf) *

Public Eye: A Mug Named Frank (7 July 1971) (Robert Stuart) *

The Adventurer: Full Fathom Five (Father Antonius) *

Spyder's Web: The Executioners (28 January 1972) (Lord Rashmore) *

Special Branch: Polonaise (2 May 1973) (Scabrienski) *

Barry Lyndon (Lord Wendover)

Edward the King: An Experiment in Education (8 April 1975) (Lord Palmerston) *

Edward the King: The New World (15 April 1975) (Lord Palmerston) *

Edward the King: Alix (22 April 1975) (Lord Palmerston) *

Edward the King: A Hundred Thousand Welcomes (29 April 1975) (Lord Palmerston) *

Forget-Me-Not: Old (1 August 1976) (Emmett Sloane) *

Mr Big: The Prune Case
(23 June 1977) (Sir Morris Fender) *

The Prizewinners: Alfred Nobel *

The Velvet Glove: Auntie's Niece (2 March 1977) *

Crown Court: Association (14 February 1978) (Mr Justice Campbell) *

Crown Court: Association (15 February 1978) (Mr Justice Campbell) *

Crown Court: Association (16 February 1978) (Mr Justice Campbell) *

Crown Court: Soft Target (14 November 1978) (Mr Justice Caldwell) *

Crown Court: Soft Target (15 November 1978) (Mr Justice Caldwell) *

Crown Court: Soft Target (16 November 1978) (Mr Justice Caldwell) *

The First Great Train Robbery (judge)
1855: la prima grande rapina al treno - Italian title
Det første store togrøveri - Danish title
El gran assalt al tren - Catalan Spanish title
El gran robo de tren - Venezuelan title
O Grande Ataque ao Comboio do Ouro - Portugese title
La grande attaque du train d'or - French title
The Great Train Robbery - US title
Der Große Eisenbahnraub - West German title
Kultajuna - Finnish title
O Primeiro Assalto de Trem - Brazilian title
Det stora tågrånet - Swedish title

The Last Romantic (Gantry)

Parables: Another Weekend (13 August 1978) (Sir James) *

The Professionals: A Stirring of Dust (25 November 1978) (Brigadier Stadden) *

Will Shakespeare: The Dead Shepherd (13 June 1978) (Edward Alleyn) *
The Life of Shakespeare
William Shakespeare, His Life and Times


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