Ron Grainer (1922 - 1981)

Date of Birth: 11 August 1922
Place of Birth: Atherton, Queensland, Australia
Date of Death: 21 February 1981 (from cancer)
Place of Death: Cuckfield, Sussex, England, UK
Also Known As:


It's a Square World
(music) *

The Mouse on the Moon (music)
Auch die Kleinen wollen nach oben - West German title
Maasta se pienikin ponnistaa - Finnish title
Mani sulla luna - Italian title
Un ratón en la luna - Spanish title

1963 - 1989
Doctor Who (title music) *
Docteur Who - French title

Night Must Fall (music, conductor)
La doppia vita di Dan Craig - Italian title
La force des ténèbres - French title
Griff aus dem Dunkel - West German title
Når mørket sænker sig - Danish title
Natt i skräck - Swedish title
Rikoksen paino - Finnish title
Yön täytyy tulla - Finnish title

1967 - 1968
The Prisoner (theme music) *
Nummer 6 - West German title
Il prigioniero - Italian title
Prisoner - Finnish title
Le prisonnier - French / French Belgian title
Saarroksissa - Finnish title

The Assassination Bureau (music)
Assassination Bureau - Italian title
The Assassination Bureau Limited
Assassinats en tous genres - French title
El club de asesinos - Spanish title
Mörder GmbH - West German title
Rulettia venäläisittäin, Madame? - Finnish title
Rysk roulett, Madame - Swedish title
Sindicato do Crime - Brazilian title
Snigmords-bureauet - Danish title

The Omega Man (music, conductor)
1975: occhi bianchi sul pianeta Terra - Italian title
Der Omega-Mann - West German title
Le survivant - French title
El último hombre... vivo - Spanish title
O Último Homem na Terra - Portuguese title
Viimeinen mies - Finnish title

Mousey (music) *
Andersons Rache - West German title
Assassino na Cidade - Brazilian title
Cat and Mouse - UK title
Il gatto e il topo - Italian title

I Don't Want to Be Born (music, conductor)
The Baby
El bebé de Sharon
- Venezuelan title
The Devil Within Her - US title
Djävulens baby - Swedish title
Evil Baby - French title
It Lives Within Her - UK video title
It's Growing Inside Her - US television title
The Monster
Paholaisen lapsi
- Finnish title
Sharon's Baby - Italian / US title
Der Teufel in ihr - West German title

1979 - 1988
Tales of the Unexpected (theme music) *
Bizarre, bizarre - French title
Il brivido dell'imprevisto - Italian title
Ei või iial teada - Estonian title
Die Unglaublichen Geschichten von Roald Dahl - West German title

Doctor Who: The Tom Baker Years (music)

Cybermen: The Early Years (theme music)

Daleks - The Early Years (theme music)

Dimensions in Time (theme music) *

Doctor Who: Thirty Years in the Tardis (music (from Doctor Who (1963 - 1989)) *
Doctor Who: More Than Thirty Years in the Tardis - UK video title

Doctor Who (theme music (uncredited)) *
Doctor Who: The Movie - UK DVD title
Dr Who - O Senhor do Tempo - Brazilian title
Le seigneur du temps - French title

Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death (theme music) *

Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka (theme music)

Doctor Who: Shada (theme music)

Osirian Gothic (theme music)

Serial Thrillers (theme music)

2005 -
Doctor Who (theme music) *

The Fact of Fiction (theme music)

Doctor Who: Origins
(performer (himself in archive footage))


Before the Sun Goes Down
(music) *

The Men from Room 13 (music) *

(music) *
Kommisar Maigret - Austrian / West German title

(music, conductor)

The Dock Brief
(musical director)
Der Große Knüller - West German title
Trial and Error - US title

A Kind of Loving (music, conductor)
Esa clase de amor - Spanish title
Una maniera d'amare - Italian title
Sellaista rakkautta - Finnish title

Live Now - Pay Later (music)
Elä nyt, maksa myöhemmin - Finnish title

The Offer (music) *

The Old Curiosity Shop (music) *

Oliver Twist (music) *

The Six Proud Walkers (music) *

Some People (music)
Kapinoivat nahkatakit - Finnish title
Ráfagas de violencia - Spanish title
Vi attenårige - Danish title

Station Six-Sahara (music)
Avamposto sahara - Italian title
Endstation 13 Sahara - West German title
Saharasex - Swedish title
Sexpommi Saharassa - Finnish title

Steptoe and Son: The Bird (theme music, incidental music) *

Steptoe and Son: The Piano (theme music, incidental music) *

Steptoe and Son: The Economist (theme music, incidental music) *

Steptoe and Son: The Diploma (theme music, incidental music) *

Steptoe and Son: The Holiday (theme music, incidental music) *

That Was the Week That Was (theme song) *

We Joined the Navy (music)
Riemuristeilyllä - Finnish title
We Are in the Navy Now - US television title

1962 - 1974
Steptoe and Son
(theme music) *

The Caretaker
(music, sound effects)
Caretaker - kuokkavieras - Finnish title
The Guest - US title
Der Hausmeister - West German title
Den mærkelige gæst - Danish title
The caretaker: il guardiano - Italian title
Tilbudet - Norwegian title

Home-Made Car (music)

The Running Man (title music)
Den anden mand - Danish title
Un buon prezzo per morire - Italian title
Le deuxième homme - French title
El fugitiu - Catalan Spanish title
En man på flykt - Swedish title
Mies joka katosi - Finnish title
El precio de una muerte - Spanish title
Der Zweite Mann - Austrian / West German title

Steptoe and Son: The Bath (theme music, incidental music) *

Steptoe and Son: Wallah, Wallah Catsmeat (theme music, incidental music) *

Steptoe and Son: The Stepmother (theme music, incidental music) *

Steptoe and Son: Sixty-Five Today (theme music, incidental music) *

Steptoe and Son: A Musical Evening (theme music, incidental music) *

Steptoe and Son: Full House (theme music, incidental music) *

Steptoe and Son: Is That Your Horse Outside? (theme music, incidental music) *

The Finest Hours
Uljaimmat hetket - Finnish title

The Moon-Spinners (music, songs, conductor)
La bahía de las esmeraldas - Spanish title
La baie aux émeraudes - French title
Giallo a Creta - Italian title
Der Millionenraub - West German title
Der Millionenschatz - West German title
Natt utan måne - Swedish title
Natten uden måne - Danish title
Vaarojen lahti - Finnish title
Vaarojen saari - Finnish title

Not So Much a Programme, More a Way of Life (music) *

Nothing But the Best (music)
Ainoastaan parasta - Finnish title
Das Beste ist grad' gut genug - West German title
Il cadavere in cantina - Italian title
Fango en la cumbre - Spanish title
Kun det bedste - Danish title
Man geht wieder über Leichen - West German title

The Flying Swan
(music) *

The Legend of Young Dick Turpin (music) *

Promise Her Anything (song)
A Deliciosa Viuvinha - Brazilian title
Lova henne allt! - Swedish title
Lupaa mitä vain - Finnish title
Prométele cualquier cosa - Spanish title
Spogliarello per una vedova - Italian title
Versprich ihr alles - West German title

All Gas and Gaiters
: pilot (music) *

Disneyland: The Legend of Young Dick Turpin Part 1 (music) *

Disneyland: The Legend of Young Dick Turpin Part 2 (music) *

Boy Meets Girl
(music) *

Man in a Suitcase (theme music) *
L'homme à la valise - French title
Der Mann mit dem Koffer - West German title

The Old Campaigner (theme music) *

The Reluctant Romeo (music) *

To Sir, with Love (music)
Les anges aux poings serrés - French title
Ao Mestre, Com Carinho - Brazilian title
Herausgefordert - Austrian / West German title
Junge Dornen - Austrian / West German title
Al maestro con cariño - Venezuelan title
O Ódio Que Gerou o Amor - Portuguese title
Rebelión en las aulas - Spanish title
La scuola della violenza - Italian title
De upproriska - Swedish title
Vastahakoiset - Finnish title

The Wednesday Play: Death of a Private (music) *

The Jazz Age
(music) *

Only When I Larf (music)
Bara när jag skrattar - Swedish title
El código de los inmorales - Spanish title
Nur über eine Leiche - West German title
...solo quando rido - Italian title
Trio d'escrocs - French title

Before Winter Comes
Bevor der Winter kommt - West German title
Flyktingläger 4B - Swedish title
Kuuma raja - Finnish title
Prima che venga l'inverno - Italian title
Zdazyc przed zima - Polish title

Destiny of a Spy (music) *
The Gaunt Woman

The Fabulous Frump (incidental music) *

In Search of Gregory (music)
À la recherche de Grégory - French title
Alla ricerca di Gregory - Italian title
Buscando a Gregory - Spanish title

Lock Up Your Daughters! (music)
Leigh mcnally - West German title

Paul Temple (theme music) *

Play of the Month: Maigret at Bay (music) *

For the Love of Ada
(music) *

Hoffman (music)
Amor a la inglesa - Spanish title
O ti spogli... o ti denuncio - Italian title

In Search of Oregon (music)

(music) *
A Day in the Life of a Burglar
Varas joka ei jäänyt kiinni - Finnish title

The Trouble with Lilian (music) *

Mutiny on the Buses
Kapina bussissa - Finnish title
Meuterei im Bus - West German title

Steptoe and Son (theme music)
Harold und die Stripperin - West German television title
Padre no hay más que uno - Spanish title
Porca vacca mi hai rotto... - Italian title

The Train Now Standing (music) *

And No One Could Save Her
(music) *
Niemand konnte sie retten - West German title

Steptoe and Son Ride Again (theme music)
Sie reiten wieder - West German title

Yellow Dog (music, conductor)
Operazione cane giallo - Italian title

South Riding
(music) *

Kim & Co.
(music) *

The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones
Le piccanti avventure di Tom Jones - Italian title
Ryd sengen for Tom Jones - Danish title
Sprosne przygody Toma Jonesa - Polish title
Tom Jones' erotiska äventyr - Swedish title
Vagabund in tausend Nöten - West German title

One Away (music)

A House Full of Men
(music) *

Romance: The Black Knight (music) *

Armchair Thriller: Rachel in Danger
(music) *

Born and Bred (music) *

Edward & Mrs Simpson (music) *

The Gate of Eden
(music) *

Malice Aforethought (music) *
Mystery!: Malice Aforethought - US title
Ont uppsåt - Swedish title

Rebecca (music) *

Shelley (music) *

Never Never Land
Um Lugar de Sonho - Portuguese title

A Question of Guilt (music) *

It Takes a Worried Man
(music) *

Saturday Night Thriller
(music) *

1996 - 2000
TFI Friday
(theme music (from Man in a Suitcase - uncredited)) *
Thank Four It's Friday


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