David Cronenberg (1943 - )

Date of Birth: 15 March 1943
Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Also Known As:


* = television

Transfer (director, producer, script, director of photography, editor)

From the Drain (director, producer, script, director of photography, editor)

Stereo (director, script, director of photography, editor)

Crimes of the Future (director, producer, script, director of photography, editor)

Programme X: Secret Weapons (director) *

Shivers (director, script)
Il demone sotto la pelle - Italian title
Dreszcze - Polish title
Frissons – French / French Canadian title
Frossa - Swedish title
Kylmät väreet - Finnish title
Os Parasitas da Morte - Portugese title
The Parasite Murders
Parasiten-Mörder - West German title
They Came from Within - US title
Vénen de dintre de... - Catalan Spanish title
Vinieron de dentro de... - Spanish title

Peep Show: The Lie Chair (director) *

Peep Show: The Victim (director) *

Rabid (director, script)
Coma Profundo - Portugese title
Rabid - Der brüllende Tod - West German title
Rabid, sete di sangue - Italian title
Rage - French / US title
Überfall der teuflischen Bestien - West German title
Verenimijät - Finnish title

The Brood (director, script)
Brood - vihan jälkeläiset - Finnish title
Brood, la covata malefica - Italian title
Die Brut - West German title
Chromosome 3 - French title
Chromosoom 3 – Flemish Belgian title
La clinique de la terreur - French Canadian title
Cromosoma tres - Spanish title
Cromosoma3 - Spanish title
A Ninhada - Portugese title
Potomstwo - Polish title

Scanners (director, script)
Scanners - dödande tanke - Swedish title
Scanners - Ihre Gedanken können töten - West German title
Scanners - Sua Mente Pode Destruir - Brazilian title
Scanners - tappava ajatus - Finnish title
Scanners 1 - Sua Mente Pode Destruir - Brazilian video title
Scanners: Su solo pensamiento podía matar - Spanish title
Telekinesis - Mexican title
Telepathy 2000 – working title

The Dead Zone (director)
Dead Zone - Der Attentäter - West German title
Dead Zone - French title
Stephen Kings Dead Zone - West German title
Strefa smierci - Polish title
Viimeinen yhteys: The Dead Zone - Finnish title
Zona de Perigo - Portugese title
La zona morta - Italian title
La zona muerta - Spanish title

Videodrome (director, script)
Experiência Alucinante - Portugese title
Videodrome - tuhon ase - Finnish title
Vidéodrome - French title
Zonekiller - Canadian title

The Fly (director, script, actor (gynecologist))
Die Fliege - Austrian / West German title
Fluen - Danish / Norwegian title
Flugan - Swedish title
Kärpänen - Finnish title
A légy - Hungarian title
A Mosca - Portugese title
La mosca - Italian / Spanish title
Moucha - Czech title
La mouche - French / French Canadian title
Mucha - Polish title
Musca - Romanian title
Ha-Zvuv - Hebrew Israeli title

Friday the 13th: Faith Healer (director) *

Long Live the New Flesh: The Films of David Cronenberg (thanks to, interviewee) *

Dead Ringers (director. producer, script)
Dubbelgångare - Swedish title
Erottamattomat - Finnish title
Faux-semblants - French title
Inseparabili - Italian title
Inseparables - Spanish title
Irmãos Inseparáveis - Portugese title
Nierozlaczni - Polish title
Die Unzertrennlichen - West German title

Nightbreed (actor (Dr Philip K. Decker))
Cabal - Die Brut der Nacht - West German title
Cabal - French / Italian title
Kyrkogårdens hemlighet - Swedish title
Razas de noche - Spanish title
Yön kansa - Finnish title

Naked Lunch (director, script)
Alaston lounas - Finnish title
Almuerzo desnudo - Argentinian title
El almuerzo desnudo - Spanish title
O Festim Nu - Portugese title
Le festin nu - French title
Golo kosilo - Slovenian title
Meztelen ebéd - Hungarian title
Mistérios E Paixões - Brazilian title
Nagi lunch - Polish title
Naken Lunch - Norwegian title
Il pasto nudo - Italian title

Scanners II: The New Order (characters)
Scanners 2, le nouveau règne - French television title
Scanners 2: il nuovo ordine - Italian title
Scanners II - rukoilet armoa - Finnish title

Maniac Mansion: Idella's Breakdown (18 March 1992) (interviewee) *

Naked Making Lunch (interviewee)

Scanners III: The Takeover (characters)
Scanner Force – UK title
Scanners III - mielen valloitus - Finnish title
Scanners III: Puissance maximum - French title

Crash (director. producer, script, actor (voice of auto wreck salesman (uncredited)))
Crash - Estranhos Prazeres - Brazilian title
Karambol - Hungarian title
Trk - Slovenian title

Extreme Measures (actor (hospital lawyer))
Äärirajat - Finnish title
Äärirajoilla - Finnish title
Al cruzar el límite - Spanish title
Bakom stängda dörrar - Swedish title
Body Bunk - Japanese title
Extrem... mit allen Mitteln - Austrian / German title
Extreme Measures - Soluzioni estreme - Italian title
Extreme metoder - Danish title
Halálos terápia - Hungarian title
Krytyczna terapia - Polish title
Medidas Extremas - Portugese title
Medidas extremas - Venezuelan title
Mesures d'urgence - French title
Mesures extrêmes - French Canadian title

The Stupids (actor (postal supervisor))
Os Estúpidos - Portugese title
Els estúpids - Catalan Spanish title
La familia Stupid - Spanish title
Eine Familie zum Kotzen – German title
Glupole - Polish title
Kretenckovi - Slovenian title
Les stupides - French Canadian title
Stupidot - Finnish title

Hollywood Aliens and Monsters
(interviewee archive footage) *
Monstres et extraterrestres à Hollywood - French Canadian title
To the Galaxy and Beyond with Mark Hamill

Last Night (actor (Duncan))
Die Letzte Nacht – German title
Minuit - French Canadian title
Siste natt - Norwegian title
Viimeinen ilta - Finnish title

David Cronenberg: I Have to Make the Word be Flesh (interviewee)
David Cronenberg - Das Wort soll Fleisch werden – German title

The Directors: David Cronenberg (interviewee) *

eXistenZ (producer; director, script)

Resurrection (actor (Father Rousell))
O Predador da Noite - Portugese title
Ressurreição - Retalhos de um Crime - Brazilian title
Resurrección - Spanish title
Resurrección de Russel Mulcahy - Spanish title
Resurrection - Die Auferstehung – German title
Résurrection - French title

Royal Canadian Air Farce: New Years Eve 1999 (31 December 1999) (interviewee) *

The American Nightmare (interviewee)
Der Amerikanische Albtraum – Austrian title

Imagining Total Recall (special thanks)

Jason X (actor (Dr Wimmer))

By Any Means Necessary: The Making of Jason X (interviewee)

Masters of Horror (interviewee) *

Spider (director, producer)
Spider - Desafie Sua Mente - Brazilian title
Spider - Shônen wa kumo ni kiss wo suru – Japanese title

Alias: Conscious
(30 November 2003) (actor (Dr Brezzel)) *

Alias: Remnants (7 December 2003) (actor (Dr Brezzel)) *


Jim Ritchie Sculptor (director, producer, script, director of photography, editor) *

Letter from Michelangelo (director, script, director of photography, editor) *

Tourettes (director, script, director of photography, editor) *

Don Valley (director, script, director of photography, editor) *

Fort York (director, script, director of photography, editor) *

In the Dirt (director, script, director of photography, editor) *

Lakeshore (director, script, director of photography, editor) *

Scarborough Bluffs (director, script, director of photography, editor) *

Winter Garden (director, script, director of photography, editor) *

Teleplay: The Italian Machine (director, script) *

Fast Company (director, script)
10.000 PS - Vollgasrausch im Grenzbereich - West German title
O Campeão da Velocidade - Portugese title
Veloci di mestiere - Italian title

Into the Night (actor (group supervisor))
Ármány és szöke - Hungarian title
Cuando llega la noche - Spanish title
Kopfüber in die Nacht - West German title
Roman Layli - Hebrew Israeli title
Série noire pour une nuit blanche - French title
Trassel i natten - Swedish title
Tutto in una notte - Italian title
Um Romance Muito Perigoso - Brazilian title
Yön selkään - Finnish title

Scales of Justice: Regina vs Horvath (director) *

Scales of Justice: Regina vs Logan (director) *

Blue (actor)

M. Butterfly (director)

Boozecan (actor (Stan Coleburn))

Henry and Verlin (actor (Doc Fisher))
Henry ja Verlin - Finnish title

Trial by Jury (actor (director))
Esküdt ellenség - Hungarian title
Die Geschworene - Verurteilt zur Angst – German television title
Die Geschworene – Austrian video / German video title
Julgamento Viciado - Portugese title
Traición al jurado - Spanish title
Under kniven - Swedish title
Valamiehen painajainen - Finnish title
Il verdetto della paura - Italian title

Blood and Donuts (actor (Stephen))

To Die For (actor (man at lake))
Da morire - Italian title
Disposta a Tudo - Portugese title
Hinnalla millä hyvänsä - Finnish title
Majd' megdöglik érte - Hungarian title
Prête à tout - French title
Till varje pris - Swedish title
Todo por un sueño - Spanish title
Tot per un somni - Catalan Spanish title
Um Sonho Sem Limites - Brazilian title
Za wszelka cene - Polish title
Zenska za umret - Slovenian title

Moonshine Highway (actor (Clem Clayton)) *
Alto Risco - Brazilian title

The Grace of God (actor)

The Newsroom: Meltdown: Part 1 (interviewee) *

I'm Losing You (executive producer)
Menetyksen tuska - Finnish title
Te estoy perdiendo – Spanish video title

SexTV (interviewee) *

Camera (director, script)

The Judge (actor (Detective Stobel)) *
Il giudice - Italian title
El mejor abogado - Spanish title

Festival Pass with Chris Gore
: episode unknown (actor (himself)) *

Open Mike with Mike Bullard
: 25 February 2003 (actor (himself)) *

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