The Game (1997)

Country of Origin: USA
Year of Production: 1997
Running Times: 128 mins
Format: Technicolor 35mm (anamorphic)
Ratio: 2.35:1
Sound: Dolby Digital DTS SDDS


Production Companies: A&B Producoes Lda / PolyGram Filmed Entertainment / Propaganda Films
Executive In Charge Of Production: Tim Clawson
Executive Producer: Jonathan Mostow
Producers: Ceán Chaffin, Steve Golin
Co-Producer: John Brancato, Michael Ferris
Production Co-Ordinator: Liz Newman
Assistant Production Co-Ordinators: Eric Jacobson, Mark Hager

Script: John Brancato, Michael Ferris, Larry Gross (uncredited), Andrew Kevin Walker (uncredited)

Director: David Fincher

Director of Photography: Harris Savides
2nd Director Of Photography: Jeff Cronenweth
Aerial Camera: Dylan M. Gross (uncredited)
Chief Lighting Technician: Claudio Miranda
Camera Operator: Martin Schaer
1st Assistant Camera: Julian Whatley
2nd Assistant Camera: Chris Blauvelt, J. Steven Matzinger
Additional 2nd Assistant Camera: John-Paul Beeghly (uncredited)
Underwater Camera Operator: Michael Ferris
Best Boys Electric: Mike Adler, Pete Davidian
Best Boy Grip: Craig Kohtala
Best Boy Rigging Grip: Anthony 'Bob' Collier
Colour Consultant: Yvan Lucas
Colour Timing: David Orr
Cranes: Chapman Equipment
Dailies Telecine: The Post Group, Stephen Nakamura
Dimmer Board Operator: Martin Bosworth
Dolly Grip: Michael Brennan
Camera Dollies: Chapman Equipment
Electricians: Anthony Van Dyke, Eric Blum, Joseph Guerino, Laurence Cropley, Russell Hosking, Spencer Anderson
Rigging Electrician: Adam Glick
Key Grip: Michael Coo
Grips: Johnny Cleveland, Nico Bally, Orlando Orona, Ron Diggory, Wayne Kosky (uncredited)
Key Rigging Grip: Larry Aube
Rigging Grip: Michael Santoro
Rigging Gaffers: Dan Kerns, Jeffrey De La Rosa
Spirit Colourist: Video Mastering: Stephen Nakamura
Stills: Anthony Friedkin
Nettman Cam Remote System: Matthews Studio Electronic Inc, Burbank, California, USA
Spacecam Aerial Camera System: Spacecam Systems Inc
Underwater Camera: Hydroflex
Underwater Lighting Equipment: Hydroflex
Video Assist: Wayne R. Tidwell
Video Facility (Video Mastering): The Post Group
Camera Equipment: Panavision Cameras and Lenses

Post-Production Supervisor: Peter Mavromates
Post Supervision (Propaganda Films): Glenn Kiser
Editor: James Haygood
Assistant Editors: Babette Dickerson, Jon Winograd, Terry Hubbard
1st Assistant Editors: John Venzon, Alex Olivares
Assistant Editor (Video Mastering): John Venzon
On-Line Editor: Video Mastering: Chuck Heron
Negative Matching: The Conformiat
Post-Production Assistants: Michelle Mendenhall, Alan Michels

Music Supervisor: Dawn Soler
Music: Howard Shore
Songs: Mildred J. Hill, Patty S. Hill (Happy Birthday To You); Walter Afanasieff (House of Pain); William Moose (In the Mall); Julius Robinson, Michael Sherwood (Icy Blue); Walter Donaldson, Joe Young (Hiawatha's Lullaby); William Loose, Don Great, Marc Ferrari (Elevator Song); Claude Debussy (Clair De Lune); Julius Robinson, Michael Shererwood (Liar's Moon); Grace Slick (White Rabbit); Tony Hatch (Call Me); Matthew Sweet (Hollow); Dave Crimmen (Take Me Baby); Dale Peterson (Java Headed Woman); Teddy Randazzo, Bobby Weinstein (Going Out Of My Head); Harry James, Benny Goodman (Life Goes To A Party); Carolyn Leigh, Cy Coleman (The Best Is Yet To Come)
Songs Performed By: Walter Afanasieff (House of Pain); Vise Grip and The Ambassadors (Icy Blue, Liar's Moon; The Best Is Yet To Come); The Red Clay Ramblers (Hiawatha's Lullaby); Chet Swaitkowski (Clair De Lune); Jefferson Airplane (White Rabbit); The New Classic Singers (Call Me); Matthew Sweet (Hollow); Dave Crimmen (Take Me Baby); The Rhythm Lords (Java Headed Woman); Willie Bobo (Going Out Of My Head)
Additional Music Cues: Killer Tracks
Music Arranger: Chris Boardman (uncredited)
Orchestrator: Howard Shore
Conductors: Howard Shore, Sandy Decrescent
Additional Music Treatment: David Gleason
Music Clearance: Frankie Pine (Uncredited)
Music Contractors: Janet Ketchum, Mario Guameri, Sandy Decrescent
Music Preparation: Janice Hayen, Kevin Mahonchak, Ryan Shore
Music Score Mixed At: Enterprise; Skywalker Sound, Marin, California, USA
Music Score Recorded At: Paramount Scoring Stage; Skywalker Sound, Marin, California, USA
Music Scoring Engineer: John Kurlander
Pianist: Bryan Pezzone
Synclavier Programmer: Robert Cotnoir

Mix Technicians (Video Mastering): Jurgen Scharpf, Kent Sparling
Post-Production Sound Services: Skywalker Sound, Marin, California, USA
Remix Supervisor: Video Mastering: Ren Klyce
Supervising ADR Editor: Kimberly Lambert
Audio Facility: Video Mastering: Skywalker Sound, Marin, California, USA

Costume Designer: Michael Kaplan
Costume Supervisor: Linda Matthews
Costume Design Assistant: Trish Summerville
Key Set Costumer: Cynthia Black
Set Costumer: Meg Matthews
Costumer For Douglas: Fran Allgood
On-Set Dresser: Greg Rocco

Prosthetic Application: Randy Westgate (uncredited)

Digital Animation: Image Savant
Digital Composites: 525 Post Production
Process Photographer: Bill Hansard
Animator: Richard 'Dr' Baily
Additional Effects / Enhancements: Video Mastering: Chris Clausing
Additional Visual Effects: Command Post Toybox; Pacific Title Digital
Computer / Video Engineer: Steve Irwin
Computer Animator: David Watkinson
Film Recording / Scanning: Efilm
Miniatures: Acme Models
Opticals: Lookout Mountain Films; Pacific Title

Production Designer: Jeffrey Beecroft
Title Designer: Richard 'Dr' Baily
Paint Supervisor: Tony Paolone
Set Dressing Assistant: Denise Harris
Shopper/Buyer: Shana Sigmond

Script Supervisor: Jamie Babbit
Production Assistants: Amy Miller, David Auge, Doug Brown, John Embry, Jon Bachmann, Joris Kivits, Keira March, Krista Helgeson, Lynn Struiksma, Karman Graham, Gabrielle Grant
Office Production Assistant: Brian Dettor (uncredited)
Set Production Assistant: Saisie M. Jang (uncredited)
Accounting Supervisor: Ellen Hofstadter-Shapiro
2nd Assistant Accountant: Christa Vausbinder
Payroll Accountant: Kirsten Anderson
Production Accountant: Sue Bokobza
Post-Production Accountant: Karen Chalk Wheeler
Assistant To Chaffin: John S. Dorsey
Assistant To Douglas: Renee Featerstone
Assistants To Golin: Brett Greenstein, Sargent Pillsbury
Assistant To Douglas: Jamie Midgley
Assistant To Penn: Jordan Ryder
Auricle Operator: Richard Bronskill
Catering: Cast Supper, The
Craft Service: Jim Wilhelm, Ray Bulinski, Sue Krevtz
First Aid: Christopher Desmond, Sean Lanthier, Tammy Yazgulian
1st Assistant Accountant: Samuel Bokobza
Gang Bosses: Jesse Siono Jr, Wayne Nycz, Ed O'connell
General Foreman: Mike Wells
Key Set Production Assistant: Mark Trapenberg
Labourer: Michael Nichols
Legal Services: Troop Meisinger Steuber & Pasich, Llp
Mastering Supervisor: Video Mastering: Peter Mavromates
Product Placement / Clearances: Julie Crane
Stock Footage: Deborah Ricketts
Researcher: Earl McDaniel III (uncredited)
Technical Operations Manager (Video Mastering): John Mardesich
Transportation Captain: Louis Rodriguez
Transportation Co-Captain: George Hrivnak
Transportation Co-Ordinator: Jim Thornsberry
Transportation Office Assistant: Sheila Thornsberry
Unit Publicist: Marsha Robertson

Locations: Chinatown, Los Angeles, California, USA; Chinatown, San Francisco, California, USA; Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico; Palo Alto, California, USA; San Francisco, California, USA; Sheraton Palace, San Francisco, California, USA; The Embarcadero, San Francisco, California, USA
Executive Location Manager: Paul Hargrave (Uncredited)
Location Manager: Rick Schuler
Location Manager (Los Angeles): Flint Maloney
Location Manager (Mexico): Omar Veytia
Location Managers (San Francisco): Jonathan Shedd, Stefanie Pleet
Location Assistants: Dave Yrueta, Kevin Peachy, Michael White, Paul E. Yap, Sandra Louie, Thomas Harrigan

Casting (New York): Dee Dee Wehle
Casting Assistant (New York): Ethan Flowers
Casting (Mexico): Bill Dance Casting, Sande Alessi
Casting Assistant: Rachel Schadt
Extras Casting: Bill Dance Casting, Sande Alessi

Michael Douglas (Nicholas Van Orton)
Sean Penn (Conrad Van Orton)
Deborah Kara Unger (Christine)
James Rebhorn (Jim Feingold)
Peter Donat (Samuel Sutherland)
Carroll Baker (Ilsa)
Anna Katarina (Elizabeth)
Armin Mueller-Stahl (Anson Baer)
Charles Martinet (Nicholas' father)
Scott Hunter McGuire (young Nicholas)
Florentine Mocanu (Nicholas' mother)
Elizabeth Dennehy (Maria)
Caroline Barclay (Maggie)
Daniel Schorr (himself)
John Aprea (power executive)
Harrison Young (obsequious executive)
Kimberly Russell (Cynthia, CRS receptionist)
Joe Frank (CRS data collating technician)
James Brooks (James the bartender)
Gerry Becker (Ted)
Jarion Monroe (Victor)
Tommy Flanagan (solicitor / taxi driver)
Bill Flannery (tubercular commuter)
Kathryn Jean Harris (rattle gatherer)
John Cassini (man in airport)
Harris Savides (Ankles)
Aaron Thomas Luchich, Marc Siegler (City Club waiters)
Victor Talmadge (City Club maitre d')
André Brazeau (heart attack performer)
Keena Turner (Officer Hicks)
Carlos Hoy (Paramedic Graves)
Edward Campbell (Paramedic Stern)
Sean Lanthier (Paramedic Kirkland)
Curtis Vanterpool (ambulance EMT)
Jay Gordon (triage doctor)
Jeffrey Michael Young (Officer Walker)
Owen Masterson (pickpocket)
Yuji Okumoto (Nikko Hotel manager)
Hideo Kimura (Nikko Hotel bellhop)
Rachel Schadt (Nikko Hotel maid)
Mark Boone Junior (shady private investigator)
Joy Ann Ryan (Kaleigh Baer)
Pete Davidian (Mr Garcia)
Jack Kehoe (Lieutenant Sullivan)
Christopher John Fields (Detective Boyle)
Linda Manz (Christine's roomate Amy)
Victor Ferrerira (assassin Mobubbi)
Duffy Gaver (assassin Brodi)
Robert J. Stephenson (assassin Kartmann)
Sean Maloney (assassin Rankin)
John Hammil (U.S. embassy counselor)
Rachel Steinberg (Sheraton desk clerk)
George Maguire (Sheraton manager)
Trish Summerville (hot waitress)
Jason Kristopher (teen thug)
Lily Soh Froehlich (New Moon cafe manager)
Tammy Koehler (Tammy Fisher)
Michael Lynwood (Michael Fisher)
Alex Lynwood (Alex Fisher)
Charles Branklyn (CRS guard)
Spike Jonze (airbag EMT Beltran)
Michael Massee (airbag EMT Galliano)
Sara Davallou (Rachel)
Stephen Cowee (Mel)
Faustina Alcantar (old Spanish woman - uncredited)
Christopher Cory (airport security guard - uncredited)
Tom Crowl (truck driver - uncredited)
Terence Ford (lawyer 1 - uncredited)
Anni Long (lawyer 2 - uncredited)
Tracie May (restaurant cashier - uncredited)
Jamie Midgley (doorman - uncredited)
Heriberto Norzagary (Mexican policeman - uncredited)
Esan Pena (CRS security guard - uncredited)
Elise Robins (young Ilsa - uncredited)
Bob Scott (lawyer 3 - uncredited)

Stand-In For Douglas: Owen Masterson (uncredited)


Nicholas Van Orton may be a successful San Francisco banker, but he's also terribly alone. For his birthday, his long-absent brother suddenly reappears with an unusual present - a card allowing him access to the services of the mysterious Consumer Recreation Services. Van Orton phones the company and his life suddenly takes a new and sinister twist...


Fincher's follow-up to Se7en (1995) is dark and under-rated thriller that plays like a particularly twisted episode of The Twilight Zone. Douglas is excellent as the increasingly terrified Van Orton whose life spirals rapidly out of control, and Fincher brilliantly captures his mounting paranoia and the apparent hopelessness of his situation. One of the most subtly terrifying films of the 90s.


Theatrical Distributor: Buena Vista International Finland

Theatrical Distributor: PolyGram Filmed Entertainment

Theatrical Distributor: GAGA Communications / GAGA Humax Inc

Theatrical Distributor: Vitoria Filme

Theatrical Distributor: Ascot Elite Entertainment Group

Theatrical Distributor: Panorama Entertainment / PolyGram Filmed Entertainment

Theatrical Distributor: PolyGram Filmed Entertainment
Video Distributor: PolyGram


Rating: M

Rating: K-12

Rating: 12

Hong Kong
Rating: IIB

Rating: B

Rating: 12

New Zealand
Rating: M

Rating: 5

Rating: PG

Rating: 15

Rating: 15

Rating: R



12: Canada - theatrical release
12: USA - theatrical release

Day Unknown: Italy - theatrical release
Day Unknown: Phillipines - theatrical release
2: Australia - theatrical release
10: UK - theatrical release
13: Ireland - theatrical release
16: New Zealand - theatrical release
17: Switzerland - theatrical release in German speaking region
28: Singapore - theatrical premiere

5: France - theatrical release
6: Singapore - theatrical release
13: Netherlands - theatrical release
14: Switzerland - theatrical release in French speaking region
20: Germany - theatrical release
20: Hong Kong - theatrical release
21: Austria - theatrical release
21: Israel - theatrical release
28: Iceland - theatrical release

4: Slovenia - theatrical release
5: Portugal - theatrical release
5: Spain - theatrical release
5: Sweden - theatrical release
10: Belgium - theatrical release
26: Denmark - theatrical release
26: Norway - theatrical release


9: South Africa - theatrical release

Day Unknown: Greece - theatrical release
7: Japan - theatrical release
13: Turkey - theatrical release

5: Hungary - theatrical release
5: Slovakia - theatrical release

3: Finland - theatrical release

5: South Korea - theatrical release


19: Estonia - theatrical release

5: Brazil - theatrical release


Players Wanted.

The object of the game is to discover the object of... The Game

What do you get for the man who has everything?

You don't play it, it plays you

Are you ready to play?


The Game - Nessuna regola - Italian title


Basic Instinct (1992)
Blade Runner (1982)
Crash (1996)
Nadie conoce a nadie (1999)
The One Game (1988)
The Parallax View (1974)
The Wizard of Oz (1939)
Vertigo (1958)



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paranoia; game playing; games; conspiracies

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