The EOFFTV World of Horror: France (1910s)

Filmography compiled by Kevin Lyons and Len Meyer

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Another's Ghost

L'emmurée des Balkans

Max hypnotisé

The Phantom

Robert the Devil; or, Freed From Satan's Power

Le roi de Thulé (1910)
Lured by a Phantom or The King of Thule - US title

The Secret of the Hand

The Soap Bubbles of Truth

A Trip to Davy Jones' Locker

Vengeance of the Dead


The Bewitched Window

Faust et Marguerite

The Haunted House

The Mummy

Rival de Satan

Satan Defeated

Satan on a Rampage

The Saving of Faust

Séance de spiritisme


Bebe fait du spiritisme
Bebe and Spiritualism - English language title

La conquête du pôle

Convicted By Hypnotism
A Double Life

Gavroche et les spirits
Gavroche and the Ghosts - English language title

Le masque d'horreur
La maschera dell'orrore - Italian title
The Mask of Horror - US title

Onesime et la diable
Simple Simon and the Devil

The Sewer

The Skivvy's Ghost

A Son-In-Law's Nightmare


Supernatural Power

Les terreurs de rigadin

Une vengeance d'Edgar Poe
The Vengeance of Edgar Poe

The Vengeance of Egypt

Whiffles' Nightmare


Balaoo ou Des pas au plafond - French title
Balaoo the Demon Baboon - English language title

Le cottage hanté


Isle d'epouvante
The Island of Terror

Love From Out of the Grave

Onesime et la maison hante
Simple Simon and the Haunted House

Simple Simon and the Suicide Club

Le système du docteur Goudron et du professeur Plume
The Lunatics - US title


Le chien der Baskerville
The Hound of the Baskervilles

Peter's Evil Spirit

Sinews of the Dead

Le vampire



Satan on Earth


I Accuse
Ich klage an
- German title
Per la patria - Italian title
Yo acuso - Spanish title

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